Alexander, Eric

alexander Eric Alexander is an Alliance Council member.  He was born and educated in Glasgow, where he earned degrees history, philosophy and theology at the University of Glasgow.  After 15 years in a rural parish in Ayrshire, Scotland, he spent 20 years at historic St. George's-Tron Church in the city center of Glasgow, retiring at the end of 1997.

Since then he has traveled widely in the United States and in Europe preaching and teaching in churches, at various conferences and in many theological seminaries. Eric has been a speaker at many PCRT conferences over the years including the most recent, PCRT 2006: The Doctrines of Grace (Audio Available)

He now makes his home in St. Andrews, Scotland.  Eric is married and has a son and a daughter.

Other available PCRT audio featuring Eric includes:
PCRT 1980: If God Be For Us
PCRT 1982: Come Change Our World
PCRT 2001: Lord, Have Mercy