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Author: Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology 2007

Alliance Event

Many Christians seem ambivalent about holiness. On the one hand, everyone with a living conscience is aware of their own shortcomings in comparison to the holiness of the Lord. On the other hand, many people are reluctant to pursue holiness too aggressively, for fear of becoming a religious fanatic or because holiness would require giving up some favorite activity or cherished relationship. Such ambivalence deprives us of enjoying the fellowship of our holy God and the joy and contentment that come from pursuing a holy life wholeheartedly.

What we need is to understand the holiness of God more deeply and more accurately, so that we realize the true nature of holiness and the hope of becoming holy that is part of the gospel. We need to live more confidently in the justifying holiness of Christ so that we are not discouraged by our sinful hearts and habits. We need to recognize the beauty of true holiness and to have our conception of what “holy” means informed and corrected by the Word of God and by the holy life of Christ. We need to appropriate the promises of God in regard to our sanctification and to seek and receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for a holy life, and we need to turn our hope toward heaven as the place of perfection and joy. Speakers are Michael Haykin, Richard Phillips, and Harry Reeder. 4 messages on 4 CDs

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2007

4 messages on 4 CDs

Tags: holy, holiness


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