Practical Christian Living CDs

Author: Donald Barnhouse

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

These messages from Donald Barnhouse address the daily temptations, problems, and doubt of the Christian walk. As Christians we can often lose sight of what it means to live for Christ each day. We are distracted by the world, the flesh, and the devil and buckle under temptation.

Dr. Barnhouse’s practical teaching reminds us that we will all face temptation – that’s not the question. But he also teaches how to respond to the temptations around us in a way that bring glory to God. God promises us victory over temptation. Only in Christ is the promise fulfilled. We must learn to stand on God’s promises when the doubt and temptations come.

We want to think that we have some part in our salvation or that God rewards us for our good works. But in reality, we cannot do any good work apart from Christ. The law shows us how far we are from being good.We must look to His example of love and humility and trust in His grace alone to be saved. 12 messages on 6 CDs

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

12 messages on 6 CDs

Tags: christian living

Message List:

The Promise of God
The Disposition of Christ
Temptation and How to Meet It
The First and Great Commandment
What Is God to You?
Prayer that Means Business
God's Poems
Give Up and Get
A Call to Holy Living
Good Works and How to Have Them
Living by Faith
Practical Christian Living


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