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Author: Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2006

Many people today want to distance themselves from classic expressions of the reformed faith, looking upon them as defective or out-of-date. But we, in contrast, want to affirm our loving embrace of the reformed faith of our fathers. We face the challenges of today not with a boastful confidence in the new but in humble reliance upon what God granted to us of old. It is we who need reform and not the doctrines of grace. It is therefore with the aim of celebrating our reformed heritage, but, more, of propagating and proclaiming it afresh today, that we host the 2006 Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, The Doctrines of Grace.

The plenary addresses will be augmented with elective seminars exploring important elements of reformed heritage: "Humble Suggestions for Reforming Worship" by Richard Phillips and "The Westminster Assembly" by Carl Trueman. 2 messages on 1 CD

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Publisher: Alliance

Publish Date: 2006

2 messages on 1 MP3

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