The Theology of Christmas CDs

Author: James Boice, Philip Ryken, Richard Phillips, and Donald Barnhouse

Alliance Broadcasting

Birth announcements are fairly common. You’ve probably received a cute card in the mail telling when and where a baby was born. But have you ever gotten an announcement years before the birth? With notes about what the child would do when he grew up? This is exactly what we find in the Old Testament. Stories about the birth and life of Jesus aren’t just in the New Testament. All of Scripture points to Jesus. Two thousand years before Christ, God’s plans were well under way. If you look around at Christmas time you’ll likely see baby Jesus in a manger almost everywhere. But something is missing from that picture. In order to fully understand Christmas, another part of Jesus’ story needs to be told. It involves something too horrible to imagine... Christ’s death on the cross. Because it’s not just by Christ’s birth... but also by His death, that we are justified. The true meaning of Christmas is found when the manger and the cross are connected as a complete story. It’s a story that the whole Bible points to. It’s only through Jesus’ death and His sacrifice through that death that we can be forgiven for our sins and be justified in God’s eyes. 4 messages 2 CDs

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2009

4 messages on 2 CDs

Tags: theology, christmas