Did God Really Say? Affirming the Truthfulness and Trustworthiness of Scripture

Author: David Garner

The authority of Scripture is under attack. In this collaborative work, professors at Westminster Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary and Covenant Seminary explain pressing issues regarding the doctrine of Scripture.

The chapters of Did God Really Say? are:

1. "Because It Is the Word of God" by Scott Oliphint

2. "The Church, a Pillar of Truth: B.B. Warfield's Church Doctrine of Inspiration" by Michael Williams

3. "Deconstructing Canon: Recent Challenges to the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Writings" by Michael Kruger

4. "Inerrancy's Complexitites: Grounds for Grace in the Debate" by Robert Yarbrough

5. "God and Language" by Vern Poythress

6. "N.T. Wright and the Authority of Scripture" by John Frame

7. "Did God Really Say?" by David Garner

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Publisher: P & R

Publish Date: 2012

Binding: Paperback

ISBN (13 digit):9781596383999

Pages: 207

Tags: scripture, inspiration, canon, authoirity