How Can I Know for Sure?

Author: David Garner

To many, the only remaining certainty in our world is uncertainty. Can we really know anything for sure? We all enter the marketplace of ideas with presuppositions that need to be challenged before we can see what is true—and what is not. Philosophical and religious pluralism have convinced us that unchanging truth, if it exists at all, is entirely beyond our grasp—unknowable. Into this cloud of doubt and confusion comes the authoritative voice of Holy Scripture. David Garner shows us that, by the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit, not only can we know biblical truth, we can know it with a confidence deeper than any logic could ever provide and with an assurance that no human expression could ever instill. God's Word is true, and by the vital ministry of the Holy Spirit we can know the truths of God's Word truly, quietly, assuredly, and eternally.

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Publisher: P & R

Publish Date: 2014

Binding: Booklet

ISBN (13 digit):9781596389700

Tags: assurance