How to Face Death Booklet

Author: James Montgomery Boice

The Bible Study Hour

There is an openness about death today. Once it was not talked of. Now it is, and with increasing candor.
One person who has contributed to this new openness is Dr. C. Everett Koop, and he is known not only for his leadership in pediatric medicine (where he is a pioneer) but also for the way in which he deals with the subject of impending death in his contacts with the parents of his patients. His writings on this subject have appeared in the Reader's Digest and in other publications. The Nurses Christian Fellowship, to give another example, has conducted seminars on the subject of caring for the dying patient. These seminars are well attended. In the secular world, others, such as the late newspaper columnist Stewart Alsop, have made the subject popular. Alsop, while dying of leukemia, wrote of his struggle with death in a book entitled Stay of Execution. Once again, this is evidence of the new openness I am talking about.


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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Binding: Booklet

Pages: 37

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