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When You Pray 08/31/14

Lord, teach us how to pray. The plea that resounds through history started with the disciples. So Jesus taught them. The one who was in constant communication with his Father, showed his disciples how they could have the same relationship.

Luke 11:1-4

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Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 08/24/14

They say if you want to get something done, give it to someone who’s already busy. Martha was that person. She knew how to get it done, and was great at serving. But somehow in her preparation for Jesus’ visit she forgot the most important thing: the person she was serving.

Luke 10:38-42

Who is My Neighbor? 08/17/14

Everyone knows the story of the Good Samaritan. It shows how we need to be more compassionate to those around us. We need to love others in tangible ways, even across social and religious barriers. But when Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, he wasn’t just trying to inspire us to be better people. There was a lot more to it.

Luke 10:25-37

Joy, Joy, Joy! 08/10/14

Jesus’ followers came to Him full of excitement because they where able to cast out demons. Jesus responds that they should instead be even more joyful because their names are written in the book of life. What does Jesus mean by this? Why shouldn’t his followers rejoice in casting out demons?

Luke 10:17-24

The King's Messengers 08/03/14

Jesus sends 72 of his followers ahead of Him to the towns he’ll soon visit. He tells them to take nothing with them – not even a change of underwear! This is a strange move for a King: to have his ambassadors rely on people’s hospitality while having nothing tangible to give in return. Jesus gives his followers some other rather strange instructions as well.

Luke 10:1-16

Don't Look Back 07/27/14

The demands of Christ may be more than we think. We want to pencil Jesus into our schedules. But Jesus refuses to be squeezed in. He wants to have our whole lives. Today we’ll wrestle with what it means to follow Christ – and not look back.

Luke 9:51-62

Four Mistakes That Most Christians Make 07/20/14

One of our primary jobs as Christians is to represent Christ. But instead of showing people who he is, we often get in the way. Today we will examine our own lives and see how well we represent our Savior.

Luke 9:37-50

The Glory of God's Son 07/13/14

Sometimes we envy the disciples who actually walked and talked with Jesus. We think if we could just touch him, we’d have a greater faith. Or if we could only see Jesus face to face, following him would be a lot easier.

Luke 9:28-36

The Cross of Discipleship 07/06/14

Do you feel comfortable with your life right now? Are all your ducks in a row? Is your life running smoothly and comfortably? Today we’ll look at what it means to follow Christ. The way we live now has huge eternal implications.

Luke 9:23-27

Confessing Christ Crucified 06/29/14

Peter has a reputation as being the loudmouth of the disciples. When asked who Jesus is, he blurts out that he is the Christ of God. This confession has a lot of implications for who Christ is and what he does. Are you able to make this same confession? Do you know Jesus as your Christ?

Luke 9:18-22

Five Loaves, Two Fish, and Twelve Baskets 06/22/14

What is impossible for man is easy for God. The disciples learned this first hand when Jesus commanded them to feed five thousand hungry men. After insisting that they couldn’t possibly achieve such a feat, they watched Jesus simply break bread and have it multiply in his hands. But Jesus did much more that, He taught his disciples some extremely valuable lessons.

Luke 9:10-17