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The Sinner's Prayer 04/12/15

It’s often far too easy to compare ourselves to other people. It’s even easier to decide that we are better than others. But this sort of comparison doesn’t help us to become more like Christ. In fact we learn a lot more about ourselves and our sinfulness.

Luke 18:9-14

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Persisting in Prayer 04/05/15

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you pray for something, God never answers? Whether it’s for a relationship, the salvation of a friend, or justice for those who are persecuted, it sometimes feels that God isn’t answering. What does Jesus say about being persistent in our prayers?

Luke 18:1-8

Kingdom Come 03/29/15

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the end times and the second coming of Christ. But what does the Bible really say about Jesus’ return? Jesus himself spoke about his second coming in the Gospel of Luke, and that’s where we turn to today.

Luke 17:20-27

Returning Thanks 03/22/15

How often do you think “I deserve better than this!”? If you feel that God is not treating you as fairly, as think He should be, continue listening to find out how to give thanks when you aren’t feeling thankful.

Luke 17:7-19

The Faith to Forgive 03/15/15

How many times have we said to our friends or family “I just can’t forgive you!” We’re often hurt in such a way that it feels impossible to forgive. Today we will be looking at Jesus’ words of guidance on this matter. We will hear how to forgive and how to accept forgiveness.

Luke 17:1-6

The Great Divorce 03/08/15

If you die tonight where will you spend eternity? It’s a standard evangelistic line. Most people respond “well heaven of course” but the fact is many don’t believe in heaven or hell. I hope you can honestly say that you’ll spend eternity with God in heaven.

Luke 16:19-31

The Law, The Gospel, and the Kingdom 03/01/15

What happens when you do something wrong and it’s found out. Well you try and make an excuse to justify your actions. Sometimes that works but eventually you’ll get caught and punished for your wrong behavior.

Luke 16:14-18

Your Money or Your Life 02/22/15

Have you ever gone to the store to buy a friend! I doubt it. But I bet you’ve bought an ice cream cone just to impress a cute girl so that she’d be your friend! Are you using your money and resources for your personal gain? Or are you using your money for spiritual advancement?

Luke 16:1-13

The Lost Brother 02/15/15

Sibling rivals! How often have you heard “Daddy loves me more!” ”No he doesn’t!” and on it goes. The oldest brother in the Prodigal Son was jealous of the love his father showed to his younger brother. But the truth is he didn’t want the love. But we’ll see his father longed to give it to him.

Luke 15:25-32

The Prodigal Father 02/08/15

Have you ever loved someone even when it really cost you something, and then kept on loving? Have you ever loved so much that other people thought you a bit strange? That’s how God loves us.

Luke 15:11-24

The Lost Son 02/01/15

What does a teenage boy, a bunch of money and freedom equal? It equals Trouble! You know how the stories go. If the truth be told we really just want to live the way we want to, wasting away in the pleasures of the sinful world. However we must repent of this desire and come back to Christ!

Luke 15:11-24