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The End is Near 07/26/15

In a world that is often afraid of what the future holds, how can we, as Christians, look towards the end times? Are we to treat the unknown of the future as the world does? Or is there a better way?

Luke 21:29-36

Recent Broadcasts

From Jerusalem to the End of the World 07/19/15

The final judgment is a topic that is not often discussed. Many people have questions about the prophesies Jesus made regarding this important topic. This week we'll discuss the prophesies of Christ regarding the last judgment and how they affect you!

Luke 21:20-28

The Beginning of the End 07/12/15

Persecution, suffering and the end times. All of these things can spark unrest or curiosity when we hear of them. But, Jesus in the gospels brings us peace and understanding to what will happen when the world comes to an end.

Luke 21:5-19

Your Two Cents 07/05/15

How do you use your belongings or social status? Do you put them to use for the Kingdom of God, or do you use them to get your own way. This week we discuss the things we have and what we do with them.

Luke 20:45-21:4

David's Son and David's Lord 06/28/15

Jesus was asked many questions during his life. But occasionally he would ask one or two of his own. He had a riddle for the Pharisees and it wasn’t “Why is six afraid of Seven”! It had significant spiritual meaning. Jesus asked the Pharisees about his own family background.

Luke 20:39-44

The God of the Living 06/21/15

Is there really a resurrection? How can we be certain? If there is a heaven, how do we get there? Jesus answered these tough questions just before He was about to face His own death.

Luke 20:27-38

God and Caesar 06/14/15

Can Christians be involved in politics? Are we to obey our government and its laws even when we don’t agree with them? Christ showed both His followers and enemies how they were to respond to political powers.

Luke 20:19-26

The Murder of the Owner's Son 06/07/15

What the best story you’ve ever heard? Dr. Philip Ryken is going to re-tell one of the greatest stories that Jesus ever told. It insulted his audience and the climax highlights Jesus. But there’s a twist, someone is murdered!

Luke 20:9-18

Jesus in Jerusalem 05/31/15

Do you have a passion for the place God has put you? Jesus had a heart for the city God had sent him to—Jerusalem. Jesus loved the city that God sent him to.

Luke 19:41-20:8

Hail to the King 05/24/15

Of all the ways that the King of kings could make an entrance into a city, Jesus chose to come on a donkey! Why would Jesus choose such a humble way to make his greatest entry into Jerusalem?

Luke 19:28-40

What You Do With What You Have 05/17/15

God has given us the ability to do many things for Him. Some people have the ability to give a lot, while others only a little. But no matter how much God has given, are your talents being used for Him?

Luke 19:11-27