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Sour Grapes 07/23/17

Coveting is the tenth commandment. It has to do with desire and is often felt to be the least or amongst the least significant commandment. But what the Bible teaches is that it is the root of the most horrific sins.

1 Kings 21

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God Unlimited 07/16/17

The way we conceive God to be determines how we behave. In Elijah’s day the King of Syria believed it possible to defeat the Israelites in the valley, because he thought Israel’s God was just a god of the hills.

1 Kings 20

No Turning 07/09/17

The question of “calling” is raised by everyone. It does not matter what the issue is, it can be vocation, place of residence, or spirituality. This question of calling is answered in part through the story of Elijah’s anointing Elisha to replace him as prophet.

1 Kings 19:15-21

The Still, Small Voice 07/02/17

Spiritual depression comes upon us all. Its possible causes are many, so how can a Christian seek to get out of it? In the story of Elijah we have a good example of how God deals with the spiritually low.

1 Kings 19:8-18

I Have Had Enough, Lord 06/25/17

Is it right for Christians to feel that I have had enough of life, to say “I quit”? Since they have all the spiritual blessings from Heaven in Jesus, can they honestly need more? Well Elijah was a great man of God who said to God, “I have had enough.”

1 Kings 19:1-8

God’s Fire-Keeper 06/18/17

Prayer is simply one of the most important, yet neglected and difficult exercises and privileges in the Christian life. Elijah was a great man of prayer and he persisted in doing it with great endurance. It was an endurance that was answered by God.

1 Kings 18:30-40

The Lord, He Is God! 06/11/17

The existence of God may be argued for, but God is the one who must prove Himself. That means different things for different circumstances. In Elijah’s case it was a supernatural fire initiated by God.

1 Kings 18:30-40

No God But God 06/04/17

Historically there has been much discussion about whether the existence of God may be proven. Some think it is possible, while others remain doubtful. One thing is certain though, that there remain many arguments on each side of the debate.

1 Kings 18:16-29

The Real Troublemaker 05/28/17

In our day, any person who is, in anyway, connected with conflict is viewed as a troublemaker or intolerant. This is nothing new. People who choose to follow God will inevitably run into conflict and false accusations.

1 Kings 18:1-18

Look, Your Son Is Alive! 05/21/17

God is the one who gives life, but He also takes it away. Often lives are taken without an explanation. This is one of the most difficult issues we as humans have to face. What is the best way to respond?

1 Kings 17:17-24

Daily Bread, Saving Grace 05/14/17

Taking food from poor widows is not an act that usually deserves praise. Although in Elijah’s case, that very act actually does warrant some praise. Elijah did not just take all the food the widow had, but Elijah asked for and received it, in obedience to God.

1 Kings 17:7-16