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The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats 03/01/15

We often hear the phrase “it’s the little things that count” and today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll discover how that statement applies to our Christian lives. We’ll find that God doesn’t give us points for building cathedrals, starting charities or making million dollar donations. He simply calls us to live humble lives of obedience. He calls us to be faithful in “the little things.”

Matthew 25:31-46

Recent Broadcasts

The Parable of the Talents 02/22/15

When eternity is what’s at stake, it’s dangerous to assume that God approves of us simply because we are pleased with ourselves. On this broadcast of the Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will remind us that being ready for the return of Christ is no passive matter. We’ll find out what two-question test can help us assess the readiness of our own hearts to face the judgment that is surely coming.

Matthew 25:14-30

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins 02/15/15

It’s true that ultimately, only God knows the condition of each person’s heart. However, Scripture also speaks of fruits of God’s spirit that grow in us and are very visible manifestations of true faith. Join us this week for The Bible Study Hour, when Dr. Boice will make the argument that the way we respond to crisis in this life can be a good indicator about where we’ll stand on judgment day.

Matthew 25:1-13

Keeping Watch and Being Ready 02/08/15

In life’s whirlwind of busy activity, we often forget to slow down and remember the reality of eternity. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice helps us truly assess our priorities and start to ask the tough questions. If we’re willing to pay for home insurance, car insurance, life insurance and insurance on our new smart phones, are we willing to consider the eternal security of our souls?

Matthew 24:36-51

The Return of Jesus Christ 02/01/15

What do the story of Noah’s ark, a report of a residential robbery and the occurrence of a lightning storm have in common? In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll discover the answer. Together, we’ll learn a little about eschatology and a lot about our role and responsibility of living in a temporary world with the great hope of eternity.

Matthew 24:29-35

Living in the Last Days 01/25/15

We’ve all experienced the heavy grief of tragedy and the panic that comes along with a crisis – because in a sinful world, pain and anxiety are a regular part of the human experience. But Scripture tells us that in spite of these trials, we should “see to it that we are not alarmed.” In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, we’ll find out how to rest in God’s plan, even in the midst of apparent chaos.

Matthew 24:1-28

Seven Woes on False Religion 01/18/15

Every group or club has its criteria for membership, but what is required in order to be part of the Kingdom of God? Is it a seminary degree or a certain number of memorized Scripture verses? Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll discover that God is not impressed with our attempts at being super spiritual. In fact, the sincere Christian life is often far from glamorous.

Matthew 23

A Question for His Questioners 01/11/15

Even agnostics would agree that Christianity simply cannot exist as one among many supposed truths. The claims of Christ are too definitive and the means of salvation are just too exclusive. In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn why, in its very nature, Christianity demands a monopoly on truth and why it requires either full allegiance, or none at all.

Matthew 22:41-46

Three Attempts to Trap Jesus 01/04/15

Everyone knows that the topics of faith and politics make for complicated and potentially controversial conversation. Scripture says that as Christians, we are to be in the world, but not “of” it. But how do we balance our allegiance to earthly authorities with obedience to our Heavenly Father? Tune in to find out how Jesus answered that question on this week’s broadcast of The Bible Study Hour.

Matthew 22:15-40

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet 12/28/14

Jesus had a fascinating habit of sharing deep truths through simple stories. In a parable of a generous king and an extravagant wedding feast, we’ll learn about the flimsy excuses that kept the guests from attending what would have been the best event of their lives! And, of course, it all has Gospel significance.

Matthew 22:1-14

Jesus! Jesus! 12/21/14

Parents-to-be pour over baby name books and search the Internet for that perfect name for their new little one. Decisions are made based on popularity, a desire to be unique or even purely on meaning. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will reveal the name that has received the most attention throughout history. Tune in to find out what it is - and more importantly, what it means.

Matthew 1:21