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The Prayer of a Righteous Man 05/28/17

How should we approach God with our needs and requests? Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, David brings his urgent petitions and pleadings boldly before God in prayer, giving us a model for how we as Christians--righteous men and women of God--might pray.

Psalm 17

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A Prophecy of the Resurrection 05/21/17

Today on The Bible Study Hour, we’ll take a closer look at Psalm 16, where David doesn’t just trust God to provide for his daily needs, or to protect him from his enemies. He’s counting on God for future restoration. What do you suppose that picture of restoration looks like for David, and what does it mean for us?

Psalm 16

A Man After God's Heart 05/14/17

Who is worthy in the eyes of God? What are some of the characteristics of a righteous man? Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. Boice, we’ll explore the answers to these questions posed by David to God, as we continue in our study of the Psalms.

Psalm 15

Ship of Fools 05/07/17

Fools just never seem to learn, do they? In Psalm 14, David is surrounded by fools who say, “There is no God.” Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll listen to what David thinks about such fools and, more importantly, what God thinks of them.

Psalm 14

How Long? How Long? 04/30/17

How long? How long? Psalm 13 opens with David feeling abandoned by man and God, wondering when God will remember him, turn to him and rescue him. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll continue our study of the Psalms, learning how David moves beyond his circumstances to a quiet trust in God.

Psalm 13

False Words or Faithful Words 04/23/17

Words are important. Words matter. They can be used to build up, or to tear down. Words can be a blessing, or a curse. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll listen in Psalm 12 as David pleads with God to deal with those around him who use their words to boast, lie, cheat, distort and destroy the truth.

Psalm 12

A Question For Easter Sunday 04/16/17

Was that really necessary?! When the risen Christ encountered some of his disciples, they were in disbelief. They weren’t looking for a risen savior, someone to release them from the grips of sin. They were simply looking for someone to rescue them from Roman rule. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll explore how Jesus posed a question, then revealed to his followers a much bigger, more astonishing picture of redemption than anyone could have ever imagined!

Luke 24:26

Would Not! Why Not? 04/09/17

Easter is a powerful reminder that we have a God who was willing to sacrifice everything for us. And it also sheds light on our own unwillingness to submit everything to Him. Join us this week on The Bible Study Hour, as we study the reality of the historic Palm Sunday account. Dr. Boice will pose the question, “How can something free come at such a high cost?”

Luke 13:31-35

What Can the Righteous Do? 04/02/17

When everything around us seems to be crumbling and breaking down, we can rest in the fact that our ultimate security does not depend on human institutions. Join us next week for a message from Psalm chapter 11, when Dr. Boice will challenge us to live a counter-cultural life that is aligned with God’s standards, though it may often be at odds with the world all around us.

Psalm 11

Practical Atheism 03/26/17

As believers, we live with our eyes upon the eternal, but we still have to function now in a world that is wicked at its core. So, how should we respond to the injustices we observe and battle with every day? This week on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice will encourage us to intercede now, plead with God for justice continually, and then rest in the fact that judgement is surely coming.

Psalm 10

Praise the Lord! 03/19/17

If our worship comes with a set of stipulations for God, then the reality is that it’s not true worship. In fact, total surrender is one of the distinguishing characteristics of the Christian life. This week on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will remind us that embracing the truth of the Gospel fills us with joy in our salvation. Heartfelt praise is simply the natural overflow of a restored life!

Psalm 9