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The Captain's Last Sermon 11/22/15

None of us can guarantee the choices of the next generation. We can only choose for ourselves whether or not we'll serve the Lord. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice talks about choosing - choosing God now, tomorrow, the day after, and to the very end of our lives.

Joshua 24

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Passing the Torch 11/15/15

The last words of a great man are of special interest to us; they are often poignant and deeply moving. Joshua's final farewell to the people he loved is no exception. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice shares some very stirring words in a sermon titled "Passing the Torch."

Joshua 23

Farewell to Arms 11/08/15

Nations sometimes win a war but lose the peace. This was Joshua's fear for Israel at the end of his life, and Christians today often find the test of prosperity more difficult than the test of adversity. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice discusses the need to live for God and serve God in peace-time as well as in war.

Joshua 22

Grace Abounding 11/01/15

Forty-eight cities, scattered all across the Promised Land, were assigned to the Levites as their homes. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice reflects on a very unsavory story from Genesis to explain why these cities were so important and a blessing to all.

Joshua 20:1

The Cities of Refuge 10/25/15

Men and women are made directly by God in His own image. And human life in the image of God mustn't be wantonly destroyed. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice discusses the cities of refuge and the tremendous value of human life revealed in the law of God.

Joshua 20:1-6

The Magnificent Old Man 10/18/15

Caleb had total faith in God, and gave himself utterly to God’s service. This was the secret of his greatness. This is what enabled Caleb to look into the faces of real-live giants without fear. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice tells the story of this magnificent old man.

Joshua 14:6-15

Dividing the Land 10/11/15

The Promised Land was given to God's people, but they still needed to go in and possess it. In the same way, the whole world has been given to Christ, yet we need to go and possess it for Him! Coming up on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice calls on us to 'possess our possessions' in Jesus.

Joshua 13-19

The Northern Campaign 10/04/15

If we're talking about salvation, God isn't interested in what you can do. He is interested in what He has done in Christ; what God calls on you to do is believe in Christ. Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice asks.... Do you believe wholeheartedly, with all your life, soul, mind and strength?

Joshua 11-12

The Southern Campaign 09/27/15

When a great God develops great faith into great leadership it leads to great victory. On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice examines six characteristics of strong leadership with the backdrop of Joshua’s Southern Campaign to possess the Promised Land.

Joshua 10:16-43

The Longest Day 09/20/15

The Bible tells of a day long ago when the sun stood still over Gibeon and the moon over the Valley of Adullum. Is this poetical language? A scientifically verifiable event? Or merely the effect of refraction? On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Montgomery Boice talks about a day like none other - "The Longest Day."

Joshua 10:1-15

Error of Walking by Sight 09/13/15

Joshua was supposed to make war on all the enemies of God. But, when some tricksters showed up in tattered clothes, toting moldy bread and cracked canteens, claiming to be friends... Joshua trusted his eyes and failed to seek God’s guidance. Relying on his own perception, he was fooled! On The Bible Study Hour, Dr. James Boice describes a spiritual warfare above and beyond what we can see.

Joshua 9