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Jesus and Pilate: God in the Dock 01/15/17

In a message entitled, “Jesus and Pilate: God in the Dock,” Dr. Boice explains how an innocent man stood trial before two of the most impressive legal systems in history, and came out with a death sentence. Tune in for this week’s broadcast of The Bible Study Hour to learn what Scripture has to teach us about a current political hot topic: the separation of church and state.

Matthew 27:11-26

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Jesus and Judas: The Heart of a Bad Man 01/08/17

As one of the twelve disciples, he knew Jesus personally and saw miracles first hand. And then, after three years of traveling with Jesus and ministering in his name, he betrayed his Lord and friend in the most significant act of treachery ever committed. This week on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. Boice, we’ll learn more about the person of Judas and his role in in Christ’s arrest and execution.

Matthew 26:14-30

Jesus and Mary: The Heart of a Woman 01/01/17

In a message that will challenge us to consider how and where we spend our time, Dr. Boice will walk us through the final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry. We’ll find that although the disciples were confused about Jesus’ intention to go to the cross, Mary understood exactly what was coming. On The Bible Study Hour we’ll find out why this one woman had special insight.

Matthew 26:6-13

The Birth of Jesus Seen Through Ancient Eyes 12/25/16

When we, like Mary, face what seem to be insurmountable odds, do we believe in faith that all things are possible with God? This week on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice as we take a fresh look at the famous Christmas story - this time through the unique perspective of those who were involved first hand.

Luke 2:1-20

Getting Ready for Christmas 12/18/16

We tend to think of the Christmas story as being about the birth of baby Jesus, and, of course, it is. But this week on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will argue that the story actually starts with another character - an obscure preacher, who was said to have “prepared the way for Jesus.” Tune in to find out how 3 themes of John the Baptist’s ministry can help us to prepare for this Christmas season.

Mark 1:1-8

Jesus and the Money Changers: Cash and Carry 12/11/16

It’s a story that involves the corruption of a holy place, Jesus’ righteous indignation, and God’s disregard for empty religiosity. Join us this week for The Bible Study Hour, as Dr. Boice will teach from Jesus’ encounter with the money changers. We’ll learn how that rowdy scene represented a critical point in Jesus’ ministry - and we’ll discover what in the world it had to do with a withered fig tree!

Matthew 21:12-17

Jesus and the Rich Young Man: What's in It for Us? 12/04/16

Is it wrong to have material wealth? Is prosperity an indication of God’s blessing? Do our possessions say something about our own sin and greed? Christians have long been raising, debating and disagreeing on the answers to these questions. This week on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll take a look at Jesus’ encounter with a rich man, who didn’t know the blessing he was missing.

Matthew 19:16-30

Jesus and Peter: All About Rocks 11/27/16

This week on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will teach from a passage that has raised questions, created traditions, and produced some of church history’s most fundamental controversies. The text itself contains a simple confession from one of Jesus’ disciples, but the truth it conveys has deep and lasting significance for us, even today. Be sure to tune in for our upcoming broadcast to find out more!

Matthew 16:13-20

How to Give Thanks Well 11/20/16

Giving thanks should look a lot like what we naturally do when we see a movie we like or when we try a new, great restaurant. We tell all of our friends about it, of course! And if those simple, material pleasures of life can move us to praise, how much more should we be raving about God’s goodness? Join us this week for a special Thanksgiving message on The Bible Study Hour.

1 Chronicles 16:8-12

Jesus and the Canaanite Woman: Emily Post was Shocked 11/13/16

If you’ve ever wondered if God could really love you in spite of your sin, you’ll be relieved to know that Jesus made a habit of surrounding himself with sinful people. In fact, he came to address our need for forgiveness, not to avoid it. Tune in to The Bible Study Hour this week when Dr. Boice will use the story of one, persistent Canaanite woman to remind us of our own profound need for mercy.

Matthew 15:21-28

Jesus and the Five Thousand: People Everywhere 11/06/16

In this message we’ll take a close look at an incredible miracle involving mass impact, but also a very personal learning opportunity for the disciples. Join us as we witness the very first missionary sending ever recorded. And we’ll discover that God’s priority list always involves caring for people’s needs - both physical and spiritual.

Matthew 14:13-21