Courage to Stand

Author: Philip Ryken

Every Last Word

Is the world turning its back on God? Western civilization is standing at a crossroad – a crossroads where God is beckoning his people to do as the prophet Jeremiah did. To stand up and speak the truth. To follow God, even if it hurts. To weep for the rudderless people you meet every day. To pray and influence our culture for Christ. In Jeremiah’s day, a time much like our own, public life was becoming dominated by pagan ideas and practices. Jeremiah showed courage and passion – even through his sufferings - to show us how to live for God in today’s difficult times. This is the story of his life and ministry: from it you will find down-to-earth help and fresh examples on how to live, think, and feel in a godless culture and encouragement to proclaim the truth of God’s word - regardless of cost. Your stand may also lead to opposition, hostility and even persecution but God promises that in the end victory will be yours as you grow in courage and devotion. paperback

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Publisher: P & R

Publish Date: 2009

Reference: Jeremiah 1-52

Binding: Paperback

ISBN (13 digit):9781596381537

Pages: 208

Tags: jeremiah, leadership, courage