Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament

Author: David Murray

The son trudges uphill, bearing wood for his own sacrifice; his father has decided to give him up to death. What biblical event does this bring to mind? Is it Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22, or Christ's passion in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? The kinship between these two stories is deeper than mere coincidence. Christ is is present in the story of Abraham and Isaac. In fact, He is on every page of the Old Testament.

Christians seem to have forgotten that the Old Testament has everything to do with Jesus Christ. In Jesus on Every Page, David Murry guides the reader down his own Road to Emmaus, describing how the Scriptures were opened to him, revealing Jesus from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. His ten simple ways to seek and find Christ in the Old Testament unveil the face of Christ in creation, the law, the psalms, the prophets, and the proverbs.

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Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Publish Date: 2013

Binding: Paperback

ISBN (13 digit):9781400205349

Pages: 256

Tags: jesus, typology, old testament, christocentric


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