Growing In Christ CD set

Author: Donald Barnhouse

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

When you ponder your trust in Christ, do you find yourself doubting at every turn? Maybe you're riding out a dark storm in life, and you feel like God has abandoned you. Or maybe you long for the mountain top experiences you once had in your walk with God, but which now seem so distant. Dr. Barnhouse's series, Growing in Christ will help you through these discouraging times as it equips you with lessons and verses from God's Word. See examples from Scripture where God led His children into places of darkness so that they would learn more about Him. This CD series illuminates that God is with you during those dark times, as well as during the quiet moments of daily living.

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Publisher: Alliance

8 messages on 4 CDs

Tags: growing

Message List:

Growing in Faith
Becoming a Servant
Living Above Anxiety
Learning Discipleship
Life Instead of Legalism
Reflecting Christ
Walking with God
God's Purpose in Leaving You on Earth


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