Sermons from the Psalms MP3s

Author: Donald Barnhouse

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

The Psalms speak of times of power and joy, of spiritual conflict and harmony. These historic messages by Dr. Barnhouse are filled with meticulous Bible study to make the history and message of Scripture a living reality. It is through a greater knowledge of God's Word that you can achieve the understanding to transform your life and experience the joy of serving Christ. These timeless messages will bring praise and comfort. 8 MP3 messages on 1 CD

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Publisher: Alliance

Reference: Psalm 1:1

8 messages on 1 MP3

Tags: psalms

Message List:

The Psalm of the Hallelujah
The Lord is My Lifter-Upper
Getting Back into God's Will
Sparrows and Swallows
Steps in the Christian Life
An Old Man's Advice for Troubled Times
Thrones and Footstools
Questions and Answer

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