The End of the Age MP3 set

Author: Donald Barnhouse

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

Throughout history many individuals and groups have set dates for the end of the world – and they have all been wrong. Jesus Himself taught that no man knows the day or the hour of His return. While Jesus was on earth He did not even know when He would come back. If Jesus was ignorant of the time while on earth then we too should be satisfied with the mystery. Yet people continue to claim they know when Jesus will come again. You can be assured that if a so-called Bible teacher sets a date for Christ’s return then he or she is not under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

And while Jesus’ return is not immediate it is imminent. In Paul’s letter to the Romans we see that as Christians we are to put off darkness and put on light. Instead of worrying about the exact date of Christ’s returns we are to prepare ourselves by putting on Christ. 8 MP3 messages on 1 CD

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Reference: Romans 13:11-14

8 messages on 1 MP3

Tags: romans, 13:11, 13:12, 13:13, 13:14

Message List:

Does God Say When?
The Folly of Setting Dates
Is it Later than You Think?
Red Sky at Night
Our Future Salvation
Earth's Darkest Hour
Two Days
Works of Darkness