The Joy of Obedience (MP3 set)

Author: Donald Barnhouse

Dr. Barnhouse & the Bible

Early in childhood, we were made to obey...obey parents, obey teachers and elders.  If we're frank, we admit that sometimes we use this as an excuse to do as we please--now that we're adults.  So how does that affect how we obey the Lord and our relationship with Him?  There is much joy that can be found in Christian obedience, but it's not always the "easy" way to live our lives.  We're quick to give up obedience, desiring short-term pleasure over long-term blessings and joy that obedience can bring.  This series contains messages that will help you make a real, tangible difference in your life.

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Publisher: Alliance

Reference: Romans 1-16

4 MP3 messages on 1 CDs

Tags: christian living

Message List:

The Obedient Heart
The Joy of Obedience
How Beautiful the Feet
Oil and Wine


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