Christ, the Center of Christmas CDs

Author: James Boice and Philip Ryken

The Bible Study Hour & Every Last Word

Do you have a hard time remembering what Christmas is all about? During the holiday season we sometimes catch ourselves asking “will this ever end?” We are easily distracted. Whether it's our job, family, or the holiday itself, we get caught up in all the activities but forget what actually happened in that stable 2000 years ago. This year meditate on Christ as the center of Christmas and see how Jesus’ life culminates in His death on the cross. 4 messages on 2 CDs

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2007

4 messages on 2 CDs

Tags: christmas

Message List:

The Men Who Missed Christmas
The Men Who Lost Christmas
Prelude to the Messiah
Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

List Price:12.00

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