Genesis: The Book of Beginnings Anthology (MP3 set)

Author: James Boice

The Bible Study Hour

Genesis has all the marks of a tremendous novel. From the creation story to the fall of mankind, the curse of Cain to the promise of the rainbow ... Murder, intrigue, power, and beauty. 

In his illuminating exposition and commentary of Genesis, Dr. Boice leads us through the crucial events chronicled in the early chapters of the book, Boice traces the "New Beginning" in God's plan of redemption with the story of the patriarchs demonstrating how easily we can identify with them, and explores how Joseph's life reflects peace and direction in times of adversity.

In Genesis, you see the establishing of the relationship of God to the universe, and all of humankind. The doctrines of God, man, sin, judgment, justification by faith, salvation, the covenant, prayer, and discipleship are all here in this audio commentary. Dr. Boice delivers a tremendously practical and crucial series that can be applied to the Christian life. This audio commentary series contains 180 MP3 messages on two DVD-ROMs.

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Publish Date: 2008

Reference: Genesis 1-50

180 MP3 messages on 2 DVDs

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