Great Chapters of the Bible (CD set)

Author: James Boice

The Bible Study Hour

Powerful prophecy. Important promises of extraordinary hope and victory. God's amazing story, full of wonder and beauty. Listen as Dr. Boice walks us through the Great Chapters of the Bible. This ten-part series explores such Old and New Testament favorites as Isaiah 53, Psalm 23, Romans 8, and Matthew 5. Each message is packed with rich and practical lessons to remind us that God is faithful and generous towards us, and that we can place our trust in Him.

The 10 messages include:

  • "The Suffering Servant" (Isaiah 53)
  • "God My Shepherd" (Psalm 23)
  • "The Birth of the Savior" (Luke 2)
  • "The Two Ways" (Psalm 1)
  • "The Heart of the Bible" (Romans 3)
  • "If God Be for Us" (Romans 8)
  • "Last Will and Testament" (John 14)
  • "The Beatitudes" (Matthew 5)
  • "The Greatest of These" (1 Corinthians 13)
  • "Heaven" (Revelation 21)

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

10 messages on 5 CDs

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