Hearing God When You Hurt

Author: James Boice

The Bible Study Hour

When Jesus was on earth, he warned that humanity would be plagued with all kinds of troubles. Sure enough, according to Boice, He was on the mark. Problems are all around and come in every form, shape and size; and humanity is busily looking for relief and resolution, turning to politicians, scientists, soothsayers, doctors and everything in between for the answers to its escalating problems. Boice, who is president of Evangelical Ministries, Inc. and the author of 39 previous titles, here invites readers to do away with false solutions, however, arguing that they are shallow and incapable of producing everlasting peace. Instead, he encourages believers and non-believers alike to listen well and hear what God has to say for human comfort, especially in the Psalms. The author, for example, introduces Psalms 52-61 and then graphically employs them to highlight the pivotal importance of divine consolation in the often-troubled life of King David. He urges everyone to perceive and accept the reality of God and the availability of His consoling presence.

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Publisher: Baker

Publish Date: 1995

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 08010-52297

ISBN (13 digit):978-0-8010-5229-3

Pages: 176

Tags: suffering