Author: Boice, James

The Bible Study Hour

No book in the Bible is so filled with joy as Philippians. Even though Paul faced possible execution for his faith, he managed to remain joyful in the midst of terrible circumstances.

Beyond providing encouragement, Philippians contains a wealth of great themes. As Boice explains, it covers most of the major doctrines of the Christian faith and is at the same time extremely practical. Topics covered include

The Secret of Spiritual Fruit (1:9-11)
What Is Christianity? (1:21)
The Truth about Jesus Christ (2:6)
Knowing the Living Christ (3:10-11)
The God Who Provides (4:19)

Many study Paul's letter with the goal of coming to know Jesus better. If you study it, writes Boice, Philippians will point you to Christ--he is the dominant presence of Philippians, as he is throughout the Word of God.

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Publisher: Baker

Publish Date: 288

Reference: Philippians 1-4

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 08010-6645x

ISBN (13 digit):978-0-80106-645-0

Pages: 2006

Tags: trials in the christian life, joy


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