Who Is God? MP3 set

Author: James Boice

The Bible Study Hour

If you were asked to make a list describing God’s character, it would be long. But what do all those characteristics mean for you personally? Often we think we know everything about God when really, we hardly understand His attributes at all! Do you doubt God’s faithfulness? Question the vastness of His knowledge? Wonder about what He needs in order to exist?

In this series, Dr. Boice explains God’s faithfulness, holiness, knowledge, patience, sovereignty, and many more of His attributes. 12 MP3 messages on 1 CD


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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2009

Reference: Romans 11:26-35

12 MP3 messages on 1 CD Media

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Message List:

All Israel Will Be Saved
God's Irrevocable Covenant
God's Irrevocable Call
Mercy for All
No One Like God
The Perfect Knowledge of God
The Profound Wisdom of God
The Unsurpassed Judgements of God
The Amazing Ways of God
The Inscrutable God
The All-Sufficient God
A Christian World-View