Amazing Grace CD set (PCRT '99)

Author: Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 1999

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

The words of John Newton's great hymn "Amazing Grace" are known to millions of people - Christians and non-Christians. But as one popular author notes, for most of our contemporaries "amazing grace" is no longer amazing. It is "boring grace" instead. How can this be? What is the cause of so much indifference to this great blessing? Whatever it may be, it is a sad symptom of the church's tragic spiritual decline.

The 6 messages of Amazing Grace highlight the importance of recovering the doctrine of God's free grace and include:

  • "Abounding Grace" by Don Kistler
  • "Justification by Grace Alone" by James Boice
  • "Growing by Grace" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Living by Grace" by Michael Horton
  • "The Wonderful Throne of Grace" by Robert Godfrey
  • "Persevering Grace" by James Boice

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

6 messages on 6 CDs

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