Profaning the Sacred: Beauty and Holiness of the Bride of Christ CD Set (PCRT '14)

Author: Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2014

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

Profaning the Sacred: Beauty and Holiness of the Bride of Christ considers the holiness of the Christian Church, together with its worship, ministry and life. One reason for this topic is the perennial need of God's people to protect God's holy things from worldly corruption. This need is particularly great today when so many professing Christians and churches are adopting the ways of the world to do the work of God. God calls Christians, pastors and churches to be holy, and this means that we must not allow His holy things to be profaned. This raises important questions for us to answer: how does a zeal for evangelism often mask the importing of worldly influences? What constitutes genuinely holy worship? Does zeal for holiness involve legalism or is it a true mark of God's grace?

The 6 messages in Profaning the Sacred include:

"Profaning the Sanctity of Worship" by Derek Thomas

"The Uncorrupted Gospel" by Michael Horton

"The Holy Christian Life" by Greg Gilbert 

"Evangelism & the Holiness of God" by Michael Horton

"The Holy Prayers of Righteous People" by Phillip Johnson

"The Holy Bride of Christ" by Richard Phillips

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2014

6 messages on 6 CDs

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