How Firm a Foundation: The Bible's Authority, Sufficiency, and Clarity (PCRT 2016 CD set)

Author: Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology 2016

Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalm 119:105

In a time when the foundations of society seem to be crumbling, Christians have no more urgent need than to rediscover the firm foundation that is God's Word. In so many churches the authority of God's Word is under attack, especially as it contradicts prevailing cultural thought. Christians need strong convictions about the Bible that come from the Bible.

The 6 messages of How Firm a Foundation include:

  • "God Spoke" by Derek Thomas
  • "How Do We Know the Bible Is God's Word: Recovering the Doctrine of Self-Authenticating Scripture" by Michael Kruger
  • "Perfect, Sure, Right, and True" by Richard Phillips
  • "Hidden Gospels: Our Culture's Quest to Rewrite the Story of Jesus" by Charles Hill
  • "Every Last Word, Every Good Work" by Philip Ryken
  • "The Last Sermon of Jesus Christ" by Philip Ryken

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

6 messages on 6 CDs

Tags: authority, bible, clarity, foundation, scripture, sufficiency