City on a Hill (Book and CD Set)

Author: Philip Ryken

Every Last Word

Many sincere and dedicated Christians point to the path of relevance as a means for enjoying a post-Christian witness. They want to explore new ways of "doing church" - ways that focus on seekers' needs, that appeal to today's entertainment-saturated audiences, and don't make church "too much"

Philip Ryken, however, sees danger ahead. Rather than confronting the relativistic and narcissistic mind-set of our world, this way may very well accommodate it.

In this City on a Hill book and CD audio set, Dr. Ryken asserts that the church needs to walk a different path...a biblical path that leads to exalting God and Him alone by:

Proclaiming the saving work of our crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ

Focusing on our holy God in our personal and corporate worship.

Reaching out in Christ's love to care for one another and share the Good News with the world.

When the church does what it is called to do, it will give the world what it needs most- the life-giving message that Jesus Christ is savior and Lord.

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Publisher: Moody

Publish Date: 2003

Binding: Paperback

ISBN: 08024-41998

ISBN (13 digit):978-0-8024-4199-7

Pages: 224

Tags: church