Chosen in Christ CDs

Author: Richard Phillips

God's Living Word

Paul writes to the Ephesians with encouraging words. He is interested in communicating to us who we are in Christ.  God’s plan for salvation started well before Jesus ever came to earth. Through Christ’s death, He predestined us to be His sons and daughters. The Bible makes it clear that God’s choosing us has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with Him. Despite all kinds of pain and death that we can experience on earth, God’s chosen ones can rest that God will bring Himself glory and work the good of His children. As God’s chosen ones we should look to the Holy Spirit for help and keep in constant communication with the Father. Richard Phillips preaches to encourage and uplift in this sermon series, Chosen in Christ, as he speaks of our sure stance in Christ. 17 messages on 9 CDs




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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2009

Reference: Ephesians 1

17 messages on 9 CDs

Tags: election

Message List:

Grace and Peace to You
What is a Christian?
Praise for Blessing
Chosen in Christ
The Glory of His Grace
Redemption in Christ
The Blood of Christ
The Salvation Mystery
The Glorious Plan of God
Marked with a Seal
Salvation's Down Payment
Paul's Prayer for the Church
Knowing God
The Enlightened Life
Christ Exalted
Prayer & the Sovereignty of God


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