God's Will, Our Joy CDs

Author: Princeton Regional Conference on Reformed Theology 2005

Alliance Event

The Bible affirms the sovereignty of God in all things, for all time, for his own glory. The knowledge of his sovereignty is the foundation for the Christian's hope in a world that often seems chaotic and meaningless. Knowing that God graciously administers every aspect of life brings joy to the believer, a joy that is a witness to the world of God's glory. Yet, to speak of joy in the context of the misery, disease, cruelty, treachery, violence and death of this world seems incongruous; to affirm that God presides over such a world is to invite protest; but to suggest that joy is an appropriate response to God's governance can seem insensitive, if not offensive. In this context, we are helped by the truth that God's sovereignty is not arbitrary, but is rather joined with his redemptive purpose. The misery that is in the world through the sin of man, God has answered in the cross of Christ. As the apostle Peter writes (I Peter 1:3-9), God has sovereignly fore-fathered his elect children through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead into a viable hope, a hope in our own future resurrection and inheritance in heaven. Speakers include, Charles Drew, Richard Phillips, Skip Ryan, and Philip Ryken. 4 messages on 4 CDs

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2005

4 messages on 4 CDs

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