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Complaints and Opposition 10/10/10

"Life's too hard, Moses. The food's boring, Moses. And by the way, Moses, where'd you find that foreign wife of yours?" Complaints, opposition, sibling rivalry, racist attacks—they're all in a day's work for Moses as the Israelites trek through the desert.

Numbers 12:3

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With Jesus on the Mountains 09/14/14

We live in a culture that prioritizes productivity and achievement, but sometimes God calls us to simply be still and listen. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will encourage us to take time out of our busy days - full of furious activity and information-overload - to simply meet with Jesus. We’ll learn from Peter’s example that sometimes the best thing to do, is to do nothing at all.

The Way of the Cross 09/07/14

What is a disciple? Dr. Boice will teach us the answer to this question on this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour. Listen in as we’ll discover that “discipleship” is more than a trending buzzword and more than a one-time event. It’s a journey of self-denial…and when it comes down to it, it’s not an idea that fits nicely with what Dr. Boice refers to as our “domesticated” view of Jesus.

Peter's Great Confession 08/31/14

Listening to people’s varying opinions about Jesus can feel like watching an old episode of Superman. Instead of hearing, “It’s a bird…it’s a plane…no! It’s Superman,” we often hear something like, “he was a prophet…a good man…no, a great teacher!” Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn that the truth about the person of Jesus is at the very heart of Christianity.

Watch Out for the Pharisees 08/24/14

When the wind picks up and dark clouds roll in, we recognize those indicators as sure signs of a looming thunderstorm. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn that the truth of God’s revelation is even more obvious than physical changes in the weather. And yet, like the disciples, we often miss the signs that are right in front of our eyes.

The Faith and Feeding of Gentiles 08/17/14

Bishop J.C. Ryle once said, “It is grace, not place, that makes people believers.” The Jews were God’s chosen people, but the New Testament is clear that the Gospel is for Gentiles as well. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. Boice, we’ll learn how the persistence of one woman and the hunger of a huge crowd foreshadowed the eventual spread of the Gospel to all people…in all places.

Kosher Hearts 08/10/14

Traditions can serve as powerful symbols and can even create memorable pastimes. But without the proper perspective and the right motivation, traditions can also lose their meaning entirely. In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll discover that in Matthew chapter 15, Jesus had something to say about faith, traditions and the heart.

Faith and Little Faith 08/03/14

We may assume that the disciples followed Jesus because they knew he was the Messiah, but it was not until the 14th chapter of Matthew’s gospel that they finally acknowledged him as the Son of God and worshipped him. In this message, we’ll learn about Peter’s adventure and the bizarre circumstances that brought the disciples to a place of faith & confession.

The Feeding of the Five Thousand 07/27/14

Scripture is full of food and drink-related imagery. We’re told that Jesus is the Bread of Life and that he can offer us living water. And while these metaphors are meant to represent deeper, spiritual truths, Jesus is actually concerned with our physical needs as well. Dr. Boice teaches from a Biblical story all about food- and its lesson is both practical and symbolic.

The Death of John the Baptist 07/20/14

We may take offense to rude comments, unwanted advice or controversial opinions, but the story of John the Baptist reminds us that it’s the simple truth of God’s word that is often most offensive to our sinful hearts. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn how a determined prophet, a crazy party and a hasty death sentence all feature in Matthew’s gospel.

The Parables of the Hidden Treasure, Pearl, and Net 07/13/14

What do a hidden treasure, a valuable pearl and a fishing net all have in common?... Not much, unless of course you’re reading the parables in Matthew chapter 13! On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will continue in his series through this book of the Bible as he helps us discover what these three items can each teach us about the value of the Gospel and the Day of Judgment.

The Parables of the Weeds, Mustard Seed, and Yeast 07/06/14

Next time you hear someone angrily insist that the church is full of hypocrites, take the opportunity to agree with them! While it’s not a justifiable reason to reject Christianity, it certainly is a true statement. Indeed, unbelievers are mixed among true Christians… and that’s just the way Satan wants it! On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will explain why that should really come as no surprise.

The Parable of the Sower 06/29/14

It doesn’t take agricultural knowledge or farming experience to understand the Bible, but Jesus did use an interesting metaphor about sowing and reaping to teach about the Kingdom of God. Today on The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll each be faced with the question: what happened when the seed of God’s Word was planted in my heart? Did it bear fruit?

The Sign of Jonah 06/22/14

We observe Good Friday to commemorate the day that Jesus was crucified, but should we really be celebrating Good Thursday instead? On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice provides fascinating insight into the historical context and timing of Christ’s death and resurrection. And we’ll learn how it all relates to the prophetic sign Jesus gave to the Pharisees – the sign of Jonah.

Jesus and the Devil 06/15/14

Proverbs tells us that the power of life and death is in the tongue and in Matthew, we learn that there is judgment waiting for those who utter careless words. The way we speak is obviously very important to God. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice, we’ll learn that there’s even one sin that’s considered unforgivable – and it also relates to the way we use our words.

Lord of the Sabbath 06/08/14

Scripture tells us that Jesus lived a sinless life, but didn’t the Pharisees accuse him of breaking one of the commandments by failing to keep the Sabbath? And if Jesus wasn’t bound by that Old Testament law, then should we feel obligated to keep it today? In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour with Dr. Boice, we’ll discover the answers to these questions as we study Matthew chapter 12.

Unbelief and a Wonderful Invitation 06/01/14

The media reports it, so it must be true: the majority of Americans are Christians. But what does that really mean when that majority doesn’t appear to be living according to God’s standards? Today on The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will clarify that being a Christian is not about checking a box on a survey. Rather, the Gospel is a living, active message that has the power to change lives.

Jesus and John the Baptist 05/25/14

It has been said that the most important thing about a person is what comes to their mind when they think about God. Our entire significance depends on one thing – what do we say about who God is?... And specifically, what do we believe about Jesus Christ, who claimed to be God? In this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice explains that even John the Baptist had to grapple with this question.

The Christian Mission: Phase Two 05/18/14

For just a moment, imagine your own funeral – all of the people who knew and loved you most, gathered around your grave. What will be the most defining aspect of your life on this earth? Will they say about you, as was said about John Knox, that you feared God so much that you never feared any man? During this message, Dr. James Boice will encourage us to live with bold faith.

The Christian Mission: Phase One 05/11/14

If we take the commands of God seriously, then we each have a very important job to do in this fallen world. Beyond caring for our families or establishing our careers, we have been given stewardship of the most important message the world has ever heard. Dr. James Boice takes us back to the moment when the first 12 missionaries were made.

Prayer for Christian Workers 05/04/14

Perhaps at some point you’ve attended a missions conference or supported a missions organization. If so, then you’ve been part of a movement and a calling that started thousands of years ago when 12 average guys were sent out with a message that would change the world. Dr. Boice will encourage us all to live out that mission on a daily basis.

Three More Healings 04/27/14

Both spiritual sin and physical disease can lead to isolation and despair. And while many who are sick call on God’s grace for healing, how much more important is it for us all to call on God for forgiveness? In our desperation, do we turn to the only one who can truly deliver us – not just physically, but spiritually?

Never in Vain 04/20/14

If the resurrection of Christ is a myth, then the entire New Testament is nothing more than a simple fairytale. Today, we’ll find out why the whole of Scripture – and even the very purpose of our lives - hinges on this one doctrine. Dr. James Boice teaches on this precious truth and the miraculous event that we celebrate each Easter.

Death Vanquished 04/13/14

What is the one Christian doctrine that can be boiled down to the single word “hope” and has the power to change our perspective on life and eternity? The essence of its theology is as mystical as it is practical and it is the sole reason why we have victory over death. Let’s discover the answer to this doctrine riddle!

Who Can Forgive Sin? 04/06/14

Although the promises made on big billboards, clever TV ads and online popups are tempting, we often learn the hard way that many of them are simply false advertising. We’ll learn how Jesus substantiated the claims he made about himself and find out how his miracles silenced those who questioned his divinity.

Jesus, Storms and Demons 03/30/14

Dr. Boice teaches from Matthew’s account of Jesus calming the stormy sea. The story is a perfect depiction of the Incarnation – Jesus as fully God and fully man. Exhausted and sleeping one minute and controlling the forces of nature the next, Jesus takes the staring role in this miracle account that sounds like a scene right out of an action movie!

The Cost of Discipleship 03/23/14

Most people love the feeling of getting tasks checked off of their “to do” list. But spiritual discipleship isn’t simply a chore that can be checked off a list or put off until tomorrow. It’s a job for today and every day. It’s a duty that is foundational to the Christian life. Dr. Boice discusses this important concept in a challenging message entitled, “The Cost of Discipleship.”

Jesus and Disease 03/16/14

If you grew up attending Sunday School, then you probably remember the old flannel graph depictions of Jesus’ miracles. Sick person is placed on the board. Flannel Jesus cut-out enters the scene. Sick figure is replaced with healed version of the same character. End of story, right? Dr. Boice explains why physical healing is actually just the very beginning!

Two Ways Only 03/09/14

The Gospel is simple to understand, but not easy to accept. Scripture tells us that the road to Heaven is narrow, but do you ever wonder why so many people seem to miss the road altogether? Dr. Boice explains how apathy, false teaching and hypocrisy are often at the root of unbelief. We'll learn how to protect our hearts from these three culprits.

Christians and the World 03/02/14

Though we may never verbally admit to not trusting God, the way we live speaks volumes. And our lack of faith is often most clearly revealed in our finances. You may not consider worrying about money to be the equivalent of telling God, “I don’t trust you,” but that is exactly what Dr. Boice proposes that it is.

The Practice of True Religion 02/23/14

When we think of “practicing religion,” we tend to envision a list of obligations- give to the poor, pray, fast, read Scripture, and so on. But the Pharisees in the New Testament fulfilled all of these requirements and Jesus still referred to them as hypocrites. Today we’ll learn how God’s definition of religion is often different from our own.

Ethics of the Heart 02/16/14

Laws are made to govern societies and maintain order in human relationships. But man-made laws can only address outward actions and assign consequences for those actions. God’s law, however, addresses the heart. Learn how Jesus took the historic idea of Hammurabi’s Code and flipped it upside down.

The Fulfilling of the Law 02/09/14

We have bookshelves full of self-help guides to try to fix our own problems. We ask teachers, preachers and politicians to try to fix society’s issues. The bottom line, though, is that there is no “cure” for sin outside of the Gospel. If we really want to be fixed, we must turn to the Word of God.

The New Humanity 02/02/14

We spend our lives in the pursuit of happiness, but according to Scripture, there’s a big difference between being happy and being blessed. Blessings come from knowing God’s commands and obeying them!

The Dawning of God's Kingdom 01/26/14

Think back to grade school grammar class when you first learned the difference between statements and commands. If a command is a sentence that gives an order and demands a response, then Jesus’ words, “Follow me,” are certainly no mere suggestion. Learn how this short, two word sentence has the power to change our lives.

Jesus and the Devil 01/19/14

If you grew up attending church, you probably have experience memorizing Scripture verses. Because in addition to singing songs and eating animal crackers, reciting Bible verses is a staple activity in any good children’s church program. In this program Dr. James Boice teaches why Scripture memorization is much more than just a fun activity for kids.

A Voice in the Desert 01/12/14

He’s one of the most fascinating characters in the Bible. We don’t have much information about him, but his role on earth was extremely significant. In fact, Jesus described him as the greatest man born among women. Can you guess who this man was?

Out of Egypt 01/05/14

The whole story of The Bible – from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation – points to one main event, one turning point in history. It all focuses on God’s great plan to redeem the world through his Son. Dr. James Boice discusses the parallel Old Testament prophecies contained in Matthew’s narrative of Jesus’ birth and early life.

Wise Men Come to Jesus 12/29/13

Imagine the typical nativity scene. We’re all familiar with the traditional pieces, but there’s actually quite a bit of mystery within the story they tell. Who were the so-called wise men and why did they bring myrrh? Was the supposed “star” they followed a comet, a planet or something else? Dr. James Boice unpacks the meaning behind these mysteries.

The Indescribable Gift 12/22/13

Have you ever been caught speechless by an amazing gift or a surprising event? Christmas is the gift of God becoming man in order to make salvation possible. How can an indescribable gift like that even be put into words? Dr. James Boice teaches us why fully understanding the Christmas miracle should leave us truly speechless.

Joy to the World 12/15/13

Human beings are constantly working to solve the world’s problems. Some rely on government while others put their trust in education or expect good health to get them through. The reality, though, is that we are plagued by something that can’t be solved with a human solution. Our sin requires a Savior. Dr. Boice explains how the Christmas story solves our dilemma.

Matthew's Witness to the Virgin Birth 12/08/13

Each December, we sing carols and celebrate a holiday we call Christmas. But do we know what we are actually professing in the words of those old songs? Matthew begins his gospel with an historic account of the virgin birth– an essential doctrine that is fundamental to the Christian faith. On this broadcast of The Bible Study Hour, Dr. Boice will address this aspect of the Christmas story.

Just a List of Names? 12/01/13

Parts of the Bible are narrative in nature, some are more poetic and others read like a history book. Such is the case with the first chapter of Matthew, where we find a long list of names – the genealogy of Christ. During this program, we’ll find out why this historical list is an important, barrier-breaking, conflict-causing introduction to Matthew’s gospel.

Our Secret Resource 11/24/13

Which aspect of the Christian life is simultaneously a gift, an obligation and a necessity? The answer to this riddle, of course, is prayer. It’s our means of communication with God and it’s the same powerful tool that, when used correctly, makes Satan tremble in fear.

Our Mighty Weapon 11/17/13

Every superhero has a battle to fight and a unique weapon to wield. Superman has x-ray vision. Spiderman shoots webs. Although Christians also have an enemy to fight and a mighty weapon to use, our battle is not simply a story from the pages of a com

Our Shining Armor 11/10/13

Everyone has heard the old sports adage, “A great defense is the best offense.” Interestingly enough, the Bible seems to agree – at least when it comes to spiritual warfare and the armor of God. In fact, five of the six pieces of armor are defensive.

Our Only Strength 11/03/13

People will go to great lengths to ensure their own security. Some learn self defense techniques and others install alarm systems in their homes. But when it comes to defending ourselves against spiritual attack, there’s really just one thing that we need to succeed... the power of the same God who created the Heavens and the Earth.

Our Terrible Enemy 10/27/13

The Bible describes an enemy that opposes God’s plan and plots against God’s people. When you think of that enemy, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a little, red, cartoon devil carrying a pitchfork? In this message, Dr. Boice offers us a Biblical perspective on this topic as he teaches about both the reality - and the limitations - of Satan’s power.

Our Spiritual Welfare 10/20/13

Imagine this: you’re considering enlisting in the army, but you struggle with fear about going into battle. You’re relieved when the recruiter explains that no matter how intense the fighting may get, your side will always be guaranteed to win in the end. The Christian life is very much like a war – but one with a guaranteed victory!

Slaves and Masters 10/13/13

A man once pondered why God would allow such poverty and injustice to exist in the world. After a friend suggested that he just ask God the question directly, the man hesitated and explained, “I’m afraid He’ll ask the same question of me.” In this message, Dr. James Boice challenges us to stop pointing fingers and take personal responsibility for seeking justice.

Children and Parents 10/06/13

In response to instruction, children often pose the age-old question, “Why?” And well-meaning parents can frequently be heard responding, “Because I said so…” In this message, Dr. Boice teaches on the importance of the parent-child relationship, and we learn about the real, Biblical reason why children should obey.

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