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Lament for a Ministry 08/14/11

We hear people claiming to speak the will of God all the time. But do you know how to identify a false prophet?

Jeremiah 23:9-40

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Kingdom Come 03/29/15

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the end times and the second coming of Christ. But what does the Bible really say about Jesus’ return? Jesus himself spoke about his second coming in the Gospel of Luke, and that’s where we turn to today.

Returning Thanks 03/22/15

How often do you think “I deserve better than this!”? If you feel that God is not treating you as fairly, as think He should be, continue listening to find out how to give thanks when you aren’t feeling thankful.

The Faith to Forgive 03/15/15

How many times have we said to our friends or family “I just can’t forgive you!” We’re often hurt in such a way that it feels impossible to forgive. Today we will be looking at Jesus’ words of guidance on this matter. We will hear how to forgive and how to accept forgiveness.

The Great Divorce 03/08/15

If you die tonight where will you spend eternity? It’s a standard evangelistic line. Most people respond “well heaven of course” but the fact is many don’t believe in heaven or hell. I hope you can honestly say that you’ll spend eternity with God in heaven.

The Law, The Gospel, and the Kingdom 03/01/15

What happens when you do something wrong and it’s found out. Well you try and make an excuse to justify your actions. Sometimes that works but eventually you’ll get caught and punished for your wrong behavior.

Your Money or Your Life 02/22/15

Have you ever gone to the store to buy a friend! I doubt it. But I bet you’ve bought an ice cream cone just to impress a cute girl so that she’d be your friend! Are you using your money and resources for your personal gain? Or are you using your money for spiritual advancement?

The Lost Brother 02/15/15

Sibling rivals! How often have you heard “Daddy loves me more!” ”No he doesn’t!” and on it goes. The oldest brother in the Prodigal Son was jealous of the love his father showed to his younger brother. But the truth is he didn’t want the love. But we’ll see his father longed to give it to him.

The Prodigal Father 02/08/15

Have you ever loved someone even when it really cost you something, and then kept on loving? Have you ever loved so much that other people thought you a bit strange? That’s how God loves us.

The Lost Son 02/01/15

What does a teenage boy, a bunch of money and freedom equal? It equals Trouble! You know how the stories go. If the truth be told we really just want to live the way we want to, wasting away in the pleasures of the sinful world. However we must repent of this desire and come back to Christ!

The Lost Coin 01/25/15

Are you looking for an excuse to celebrate? The Angels in heaven are. But do you know what brings them joy? It should also bring joy to our hearts. There is nothing greater on this earth an a lost soul coming to salvation.

The Lost Sheep 01/18/15

It may not be flattering to think of ourselves as sheep – they may be cute as lambs, but they’re stupid and often wander. It’s truly comforting to know that Christ is our shepherd. When we wander and got lost, he will come find us and carry us home.

The Cruciform Life 01/11/15

If you want to follow Jesus, you must hate your father and mother, your spouse and even your kids. These words seem not only harsh but they seem to contradict the very commands God has given to us. Yet Jesus said them. Today we’ll be trying to understand what Jesus meant, and how we can follow him.

An Open Invitation 01/04/15

Sometimes we picture God condemning most people, while only a very few make it into heaven. The parable of the banquet shows us a completely different picture. We see God relentlessly seeking after people to come join his feast.

The Best Seat in the House 12/28/14

Have you found yourself stepping on other people in order to get what you want? Maybe it’s for recognition at church, a promotion at work, or a gadget at the store you’re dying to have. Our hearts tell us to push others aside to get what we think we deserve. Jesus shows a very different way for us to live.

Sent to Justify 12/21/14

If you look around at Christmas time you’ll likely see almost everywhere baby Jesus in a manger. But something is missing, can you think of what it is? In order to fully understand Christmas, another part of Jesus’ story needs to be told. Tune in this week to Every Last Word with Dr. Phil Ryken to hear about the very important connection between the manger and the cross.

A Lament for the City 12/14/14

It may seem irreverent to compare Jesus to a chicken. But Jesus does in fact describe himself this way. He says he is like a mother hen longing to gather her chicks under her wings. Jesus has so much compassion on his people that he will be stopped by nothing in his mission save his people. Nothing will stop him from advancing the Kingdom of God.

One Narrow Door 12/07/14

Have you ever found yourself lost without map? The natural thing to do is call someone who has access to one. When they give you directions, would you say they were wrong and that you’re sure there’s a better way? Clearly not! Yet this is often the reaction to Christ’s claim that he is the only way to God.

See How it Grows 11/30/14

From its small and seemingly insignificant beginning, who would have suspected that the Kingdom of God would grow and spread across the world? It’s just like when you plant a tiny seed that turns into a huge tree. You may not notice it growing, but it does.

A Day for Mercy 11/23/14

Our natural tendency is to avoid people in need. Whether it’s someone asking for money or a friend in crisis, our automatic response is to get out of the way. And we have good reasons for it. But Jesus walks right into people’s pain and gets his hands dirty, much to the shock of the religious leaders.

Repent or Perish 11/16/14

Have you ever planted something that didn’t yield any produce? Maybe an apple tree, or a raspberry bush. If it never gave you any fruit, you probably tore it out and put something new in its place. Jesus speaks of us in the same way. If we don’t produce the fruit of repentance, we too will be cut down. Repentance is a matter of life and death. Which will you choose?

Before the Fire Falls 11/09/14

Would you be ready if Christ returned tonight? Would you have an answer if tomorrow you had to stand before God? We don’t know when Christ will come for the final judgment. But we must be ready for it. Jesus warns us that he will be coming back soon, and gives us hope that we can put our trust in Him.

Ready, or Not? 11/02/14

“Ready or not, here I come!” These are the works spoken in the child’s game of hide and seek. But one day they will be spoken by Jesus Christ. Those who haven’t hidden themselves in Christ will find out that life is not a game. Our decisions have eternal consequences. How should we be living now to prepare for Christ’s return?

Anxious for Nothing 10/26/14

We all know that worrying is useless. It won’t give us more time in our day, and will cause us to work slower. Worrying won’t provide the clothes we need, or our food. Yet for some reason so many of us are addicted to this useless activity. Jesus commands his people not to worry and gives some very good reasons why we shouldn’t.

A Fool and His Money 10/19/14

It seems to be ingrained in us to always want more. We want to get ahead, to make our lives pleasant and comfortable. We want to secure our future, so we prepare for retirement. It’s easy for us to be busy storing up our wealth, forgetting that we are told not to gain treasure here on earth, but rather in heaven.

Unafraid and Unashamed 10/12/14

We hear stories of people in other places and times boldly trusting God and proclaiming his name, even to death. That often seems very far away from the reality of our lives. But we, too, must courageously stand for Christ.

The Blood of the Prophets 10/05/14

Jesus was not the “nice” guy we often make him out to be. He was notorious for creating uncomfortable situations, and sometimes offended the very people who were feeding him. Today we’ll be looking at one such dinner party. The chances of Jesus staying for dessert at this home are very slim – in fact, his hosts are beginning to cook up a very different plan for him.

When the Soul Is an Unmarked Grave 09/28/14

When Christians get offended we often call it “righteous anger”. But usually it’s only our personal preferences or sensibilities that have been violated. Today we’ll learn about how to identify hypocrisy in ourselves, and what to do about it.

A Sign for All Times 09/21/14

How often have you heard someone say “if God would just give me a sign, then I would believe in him”? Perhaps you’ve said it yourself. People have been asking for a sign to prove God’s existence for centuries. When skeptics asked Jesus to prove that he was God, he said their only sign would be the sign of Jonah.

Jesus and the Devil 09/14/14

It may look great to other people when we clean up our lives and live morally. But self-help methods end up hurting us in the end. The truth is we can’t help ourselves. When we try, we open ourselves to the attacks of the devil who loves to take possession of our souls. What we need is for Jesus Christ to take possession instead.

Persevering in Prayer 09/07/14

It’s easy to give up on praying when we don’t see immediate answers. In a culture where instant gratification is the norm, persevering in prayer is a strange concept. But God calls us to continually come before him with boldness. We can have confidence that when we pray according to God’s promises, he will be faithful and delighted to answer them.

When You Pray 08/31/14

Lord, teach us how to pray. The plea that resounds through history started with the disciples. So Jesus taught them. The one who was in constant communication with his Father, showed his disciples how they could have the same relationship.

Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World 08/24/14

They say if you want to get something done, give it to someone who’s already busy. Martha was that person. She knew how to get it done, and was great at serving. But somehow in her preparation for Jesus’ visit she forgot the most important thing: the person she was serving.

Who is My Neighbor? 08/17/14

Everyone knows the story of the Good Samaritan. It shows how we need to be more compassionate to those around us. We need to love others in tangible ways, even across social and religious barriers. But when Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan, he wasn’t just trying to inspire us to be better people. There was a lot more to it.

Joy, Joy, Joy! 08/10/14

Jesus’ followers came to Him full of excitement because they where able to cast out demons. Jesus responds that they should instead be even more joyful because their names are written in the book of life. What does Jesus mean by this? Why shouldn’t his followers rejoice in casting out demons?

The King's Messengers 08/03/14

Jesus sends 72 of his followers ahead of Him to the towns he’ll soon visit. He tells them to take nothing with them – not even a change of underwear! This is a strange move for a King: to have his ambassadors rely on people’s hospitality while having nothing tangible to give in return. Jesus gives his followers some other rather strange instructions as well.

Don't Look Back 07/27/14

The demands of Christ may be more than we think. We want to pencil Jesus into our schedules. But Jesus refuses to be squeezed in. He wants to have our whole lives. Today we’ll wrestle with what it means to follow Christ – and not look back.

Four Mistakes That Most Christians Make 07/20/14

One of our primary jobs as Christians is to represent Christ. But instead of showing people who he is, we often get in the way. Today we will examine our own lives and see how well we represent our Savior.

The Glory of God's Son 07/13/14

Sometimes we envy the disciples who actually walked and talked with Jesus. We think if we could just touch him, we’d have a greater faith. Or if we could only see Jesus face to face, following him would be a lot easier.

The Cross of Discipleship 07/06/14

Do you feel comfortable with your life right now? Are all your ducks in a row? Is your life running smoothly and comfortably? Today we’ll look at what it means to follow Christ. The way we live now has huge eternal implications.

Confessing Christ Crucified 06/29/14

Peter has a reputation as being the loudmouth of the disciples. When asked who Jesus is, he blurts out that he is the Christ of God. This confession has a lot of implications for who Christ is and what he does. Are you able to make this same confession? Do you know Jesus as your Christ?

Five Loaves, Two Fish, and Twelve Baskets 06/22/14

What is impossible for man is easy for God. The disciples learned this first hand when Jesus commanded them to feed five thousand hungry men. After insisting that they couldn’t possibly achieve such a feat, they watched Jesus simply break bread and have it multiply in his hands. But Jesus did much more that, He taught his disciples some extremely valuable lessons.

An Internship for the Apostles 06/15/14

Doing something is often the best way to learn it. That’s why Jesus sent his apostles out on an internship. He told them to spread the gospel with their words and their actions – healing the sick and casting out demons. From their trip, the apostles learned valuable lessons of what it means to trust God. These lessons still apply to us today.

Only Believe 06/08/14

When people come to Jesus in extreme situations, he offers them extreme solutions. A man’s daughter dies while he is begging Jesus for help. He speaks to the girl and she comes to life again. A woman has been bleeding for years, and no doctor can help. Jesus heals her and brings her back into the relationships she’s not had for years. Let’s see how Jesus responds to those who have faith in him.

How Much Has He Done For You? 06/01/14

Do you remember the story of Jesus allowing a bunch of demons to enter a herd of pigs? We find if funny but it is no laughing matter. Today we’ll be looking at how Jesus responded to a demon possessed man. And how the community reacts when that man is given a new life at the cost of a herd of pigs?

Who Is This Guy? 05/25/14

Do you feel like a storm has taken over your life? Have you recently been faced with unemployment, a sudden illness, or some other painful event? Jesus’ and His disciples were sailing across a lake when an unexpected storm blew in. The Storm was so strong that even these experienced sailors feared for their lives. They frantically came to Jesus, who was asleep in the boat. Sometimes we feel Jesus doesn’t care about the danger in our lives. But He does care. Jesus is able to calm our storms just as he calmed the disciples’ storm at sea.

Just Do It 05/18/14

Have you ever been told that you look just like one of your parents? Or maybe you have the same mannerisms as a brother or sister. What about your spiritual family? Do you live in such a way that others will be able to see the family resemblance? Is it easy to see from your actions that you are a child of God?

The Parable of the Soils 05/11/14

Jesus gives His followers a parable to teach them how people respond to the good news of the Gospel. Some people embrace it enthusiastically, but quickly fall away because it wasn’t rooted deep within them. Others have it snatched from them before it even enters their consciousness. Still others believe, but when they tested, the truth gets strangled inside of them. There are some people, however, in whom the Word of God firmly takes root and produces wonderful fruit in their lives and the lives of others. What kind of person are you?

The Debt of Love I Owe 05/04/14

A prostitute walks into the dinner party of a prominent religious leader. She cries over Jesus’ feet, then uses her hair to dry the tears. She then pours very expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. The religious leader is indignant. Surely Jesus can’t be a prophet if he’s letting this woman touch him! The Pharisee is in for a powerful lesson today concerning his own sinfulness and lack of love.

The Friend of Sinners 04/27/14

Are you disillusioned with God? Are you disappointed because your expectations haven’t been met? Maybe God didn’t heal you or provide certain finances? John the Baptist dealt with these same struggles. The very man who proclaimed Christ as the Messiah was now doubting that himself. John dealt with his doubts in a way that sets an example for each of us.

Dead Man Talking 04/20/14

Have you ever been faced with someone who is mourning a death, and not known how to respond? It’s easy to turn away and not comfort them, because we don’t know what to say or how to handle their grief. Jesus meets grief head on. When faced with a widow who was burying her only son, He doesn’t shy away from the uncertainty of what to do. How does Jesus Christ confront death?

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