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Pardon for Sin & a Peace that Endureth 11/20/11

Many people just want what they deserve - at least they think they do. Until they stop and examine their good deeds and see that even those acts do not measure up. And if truth be told, what they really deserve is punishment not reward.

Jeremiah 33:1-9

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Is Anything too Hard for God? 12/04/16

Nothing is too hard for God. He has the power to conquer your sin, save the lost, heal broken relationships, bless your work and your family. But the question is, do you believe it?

Buyer's Market 11/27/16

Jeremiah was a praying prophet. Whenever he had a crisis, when he needed guidance, when he was worried about the future, his soul cried out to the Lord. That is because he knew his God.

The New Covenant 11/20/16

Jeremiah speaks of God making a new covenant with his people…but what exactly is a covenant, and why would God even need to make a new one? More importantly, what does that mean for us?

Rachel, Dry Your Tears 11/13/16

Sorrow is part of life. In fact, Jesus himself said that his followers would face trials, grief, and losses of all sorts. That doesn’t exactly sound like good news, now does it?

Messiah in the City 11/06/16

Have you ever looked at the great cities in our world and thought that they weren’t really that great? Did you ever think that the city was a place where God was not? Well, after today’s lesson, you might change your mind.

And Ransom Captive Israel 10/30/16

We often think of the Old Testament prophets as harbingers of terrible news. But that wasn’t always the case. Sometimes their message of impending judgment was followed by a message of hope.

The Best Made Plans 10/23/16

Do you ever wonder what God is up to? Of course! We all do. But how do we avoid that wonder turning to fear and doubt?

Seek the Peace & Prosperity of the City 10/16/16

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Does this describe you? Are you looking for hope and a future?

A Yoke of Iron 10/09/16

God is a righteous judge, and that means that anyone who doesn’t repent of their sin will be fitted with a yoke of iron! Not exactly the happiest of messages, but it is one the prophet Jeremiah was told to preach.

No Easy Yoke 10/02/16

Does the evening news scare you? Are you afraid of war, terror, or evil governments? Believe it or not, Jeremiah has a lot to teach us about who really is in control of the world powers.

Delivered from Death 09/25/16

Have you ever felt like you were put on trial by your friends or family members because of your faith? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Take from My Hand This Cup 09/18/16

If God offered you a cup of wine, would you drink from it? What if it were the cup of His wrath?

Two Baskets of Figs 09/11/16

In Jeremiah chapter 24, the prophet sees a strange vision: Two Baskets of Figs. One was full of the best figs in the land, and the other wasn’t even fit for dogs to eat.

Lament for a Ministry 09/04/16

We hear people claiming to speak the will of God all the time. But do you know how to identify a false prophet?

The Righteous Branch 08/28/16

We have heard of Jesus as Lord, and even as the Good Shepherd. But what does it mean that He is the Righteous Branch?

Second Honeymoon 08/21/16

Ever wondered what an ancient book like Jeremiah could teach you about marriage? Believe it or not, it can actually teach you the importance of having a Second Honeymoon.

A Royal Disaster 08/14/16

Do you know anyone who plans in waiting until later in life to think about God and spiritual things? Are you like that?

Dark Night of the Soul 08/07/16

Have you ever done what God told you to do, but then doubted Him because what you thought would happen… didn’t? If so, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Vessels of Wrath 07/31/16

No one can fully understand the ways of God. But does that mean we have the right to question His decisions about whom He saves and whom He destroys?

In the Potter's Hands 07/24/16

Have you ever questioned God for shaping your life the way He has? If He is the potter and we are the clay, then we have the right to do so, don’t we?

Keep the Sabbath Day Holy 07/17/16

Do you sometimes think you have to work seven days a week in order to get ahead? Surely God will understand, right? Not according to the prophet Jeremiah.

Planted Like A Tree 07/10/16

Do you think that people are basically good, they just need a little help to bring them closer to God? Jeremiah found out the hard way whether this statement was true, or not.

Jeremiah, the Pariah 07/03/16

Have you ever felt like your faith made you a social outcast? Well, imagine how Jeremiah felt. He wasn’t even allowed to go to dinner parties.

A Tree Planted by Streams of Water 06/26/16

Have you ever prayed for something and then become frustrated because God didn’t answer you? You’re not alone; even the Old Testament prophets experienced this.

For God's Sake, Do Something! 06/19/16

Our sin should make us weep before the Lord, but have you ever looked at the sins of others and found yourself arguing with God because of them? Jeremiah did.

Corruptio Optima Pessima 06/12/16

Corruptio Optima Pessima: The corruption of the best is the worst. That’s especially true when the people of God turn from him to follow idols.

Paradise Regained 06/05/16

We often think of Jeremiah as the lamenting prophet, but what happens when it is God who does the lamenting?

How Can You Compete with Horses? 05/29/16

Has the daily grind ever worn you out so much that you felt like you didn’t have any strength left to serve God?

Broken Covenant 05/22/16

Have you ever broken a contract with someone? The penalties can be quite severe. But imagine what happens when we break a contract…with God!

This Is Not Your Life 05/15/16

Did you ever ask God why He hasn’t given you all that you deserve in life? Actually, in Christ, we don’t get what we deserve in life, and for that we should be eternally grateful. Confused?

The Scarecrow in the Melon Patch 05/08/16

It is easy to identify an idol if it is made out of stone or wood. But how do you identify idols of the heart? Listen next time, as Dr. Philip Graham Ryken continues his study in Jeremiah by looking at what it teaches us about idolatry.

Something to Boast About 05/01/16

Do you think boasting is wrong? Well, that depends what you are boasting about. Listen next time, as Dr. Philip Graham Ryken discusses something to boast about from the book of Jeremiah.

There Is a Balm in Gilead 04/24/16

Have you ever felt beaten down by sin and sorrow and thought there was no cure for your pain? Have you ever cried out in agony for a balm to heal your wounds? The prophet Jeremiah did, and he received a surprising answer.

Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth 04/17/16

In the book of Jeremiah, the people of God acted like bird-brains! In fact, if you compared them to birds regarding their ability to obey their creator’s instructions, they came out way behind.

The Valley of Slaughter 04/10/16

Have you ever heard an “R-Rated” sermon? Imagine what happened when the people of Judah engaged in child sacrifice! To find out, listen next time, as Dr. Philip Graham Ryken discusses a disturbing section in the book of Jeremiah

The Family at Worship 04/03/16

All families worship together, whether they know it or not. The question is, what are they worshiping? Listen next time, as Dr. Philip Graham Ryken discusses the book of Jeremiah, and find out about the Family at Worship

What the Church Needs Now Is Reformation! 03/27/16

What happens when God’s people are convicted of their sins and turn back to him and walk in a new obedience? Reformation.

At the Crossroads 03/20/16

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life and not known which path to take? How do you decide which way to walk?

What Will You Do in the End? 03/13/16

The prophet Jeremiah lived in the same sort of society that we live in. There are blind fools, fat cats, and lying prophets all around us. The situation is a bad one- in fact it’s incurable. So what will we do in the end?

A Good Man Is Hard to Find 03/06/16

God told the prophet Jeremiah that he’d hold back his wrath if Jeremiah could find even one righteous person in the City of Jerusalem. So he looked and looked, but couldn’t find a single righteous individual. But if we are perfectly honest with ourselves, we know why.

Lament for a City 02/28/16

Divine judgment- the worst possible nightmare. There will come a day for some people when this terrible nightmare will become a reality. But you do not have to be numbered among them.

True Repentance 02/21/16

Have you ever felt disappointed with God? Well try looking at things from His perspective. If God wanted to write a book about us, He could call it “Disappointed with People!” Don’t think that’s true?

The Way Back Home 02/14/16

Do you struggle with giving God your whole heart? We all do. Yet the Christian’s relationship to God is a love relationship. And true love requires an undivided heart.

God Files for Divorce 02/07/16

We sometimes get the idea that being faithful to God’s covenant is simply a matter of obeying God’s Law. But there is actually more to it than that. God wants our hearts as well as our wills.

Under the Boiling Pot 01/31/16

How can we, as Christian believers, stand up against the enemies of God in a wicked world? Where does that kind of courage come from? Next time we’ll find out how the promises of God can help us stand against the enemies of God in a wicked, fallen world.

A Prophet to the Nations 01/24/16

Have you ever wondered who you are and why you are here? Next time we'll begin a study in the book of Jeremiah. We'll learn that an integral part of knowing who you are is knowing whose you are.

Not Without a Kinsman-Redeemer 01/17/16

Has grace become an empty concept for you, no longer a living reality that helps you live in godliness by the Holy Spirit? Perhaps you have forgotten the costliness and the romance of your redemption in Christ.

The Threshing Floor Romance 01/10/16

Many people can identify with a sense of nervousness before a big date, but imagine how Ruth felt before her first date with Boaz. For her, this was literally a matter of life and death.

A Man of Standing 01/03/16

Are you a person of standing? Do you treat others the way God has treated you? Boaz did, especially in the case of Ruth.

The Barley Harvest Was Beginning 12/27/15

Have you ever felt so needy and abandoned that your only option was to wallow in self pity? Well, you’re not alone. Naomi reached that point, but then she took her cares to the Lord.

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