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Pardon for Sin & a Peace that Endureth 11/20/11

Many people just want what they deserve - at least they think they do. Until they stop and examine their good deeds and see that even those acts do not measure up. And if truth be told, what they really deserve is punishment not reward.

Jeremiah 33:1-9

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God Files for Divorce 02/07/16

We sometimes get the idea that being faithful to God’s covenant is simply a matter of obeying God’s Law. But there is actually more to it than that. God wants our hearts as well as our wills.

Under the Boiling Pot 01/31/16

How can we, as Christian believers, stand up against the enemies of God in a wicked world? Where does that kind of courage come from? Next time we’ll find out how the promises of God can help us stand against the enemies of God in a wicked, fallen world.

A Prophet to the Nations 01/24/16

Have you ever wondered who you are and why you are here? Next time we'll begin a study in the book of Jeremiah. We'll learn that an integral part of knowing who you are is knowing whose you are.

Not Without a Kinsman-Redeemer 01/17/16

Has grace become an empty concept for you, no longer a living reality that helps you live in godliness by the Holy Spirit? Perhaps you have forgotten the costliness and the romance of your redemption in Christ.

The Threshing Floor Romance 01/10/16

Many people can identify with a sense of nervousness before a big date, but imagine how Ruth felt before her first date with Boaz. For her, this was literally a matter of life and death.

A Man of Standing 01/03/16

Are you a person of standing? Do you treat others the way God has treated you? Boaz did, especially in the case of Ruth.

The Barley Harvest Was Beginning 12/27/15

Have you ever felt so needy and abandoned that your only option was to wallow in self pity? Well, you’re not alone. Naomi reached that point, but then she took her cares to the Lord.

He Ascended into Heaven 12/20/15

We don’t think much about the Holy Spirit, or his role in our life. But we should! The Holy Spirit enables us to do important spiritual work. It’s one of two very important gifts that Jesus gave to us before He ascended into heaven.

The Easter Sermon of Jesus Christ 12/13/15

Can you tell a good sermon apart from a bad one? And no, a good sermon is not entertaining, and it doesn’t necessarily have lots of stories. A good sermon talks about the bible, about conviction of sin and repentance. And it should tell us who Jesus is.

Disbelieving for Joy 12/06/15

Have you ever been so happy about something that you could not believe that it just happened? It’s an incredible moment of overwhelming joy. After Jesus’ resurrection the disciples felt the same way.

Seeing Jesus in the Breaking of the Bread 11/29/15

Many have been jealous of the disciples who were able to be a part of the Last Supper. And able to witness the resurrection body of Jesus. But God has also given us ways by which we may have communion with Jesus, even though we were not there to personally see the amazing events of His earthly ministry.

On the Gospel Road 11/22/15

Have you ever been in a situation where you missed something obvious? Have you been a part of a confusing conversation that you just couldn’t figure a way out of? Some of Jesus’ disciples found themselves in a similar situation.

On the Third Day 11/15/15

Have you ever done something completely on the wrong premise. You know what happens. Every thing gets blown out of the water when you discover the truth. Well that’s what happened to the women who went to anoint Jesus’ body as he lay in the tomb. They found He wasn’t there!

Dead and Buried 11/08/15

There were things to be done. Preparations had to be made. Jesus had died. A secret Christian courageously makes his faith known and takes Jesus body to be buried. And the women who loved Jesus, go to anoint Jesus body with oil and spices.

The Light at the End of the Cross 11/01/15

The sky would go dark. A curtain would be torn from top to bottom. Nothing could stop the inevitable. Jesus was dying. God had turned His back on His only Son. But the end is in sight! A light can be seen!

The Luckiest Man Alive 10/25/15

Who would you consider to be the luckiest person in the world? Someone with a lot of money, or maybe a football player with a couple of SuperBowl rings? How about someone who came to trust Jesus at the last possible moment of their life?

A Royal Pardon 10/18/15

Have you ever done something really, really bad to someone? And then amazingly they forgave you? What if it was the worst sin possible? Would you still expect to be forgiven? You know what? Jesus forgave those who crucified Him.

Something to Cry About 10/11/15

On the way to the cross, Jesus passed many who were shedding tears. But he would not let them cry. There are events to come that are more pressing for them to be concerned about.

Crucify Him! 10/04/15

The trial of Jesus is over. Pilate found Him innocent of all charges. End of story? Nope not yet, Jesus was still sentenced to death. What happened next? Why was an innocent man crucified?

The King of the Jews 09/27/15

What did the Roman trial of Jesus really do? Why did He need to suffer so horribly? These are questions that many people have when it comes to the treatment of Jesus.

Son of God and Son of Man 09/20/15

Have you ever felt that you were unfairly treated, maybe accused of something that you didn’t do? Maybe your words have been twisted or misrepresented? If so, you’re not alone. Christ was tried in a court facing charges that were just not true.

The Cock-a-Doodle Denial 09/13/15

First Jesus was betrayed by Judas, and then denied by Peter. What could cause them to do such a horrible thing? To learn about the situation surrounding the Peters denial, tune in this week to Every Last Word.

The Hour of the Power of Darkness 09/06/15

Has anyone ever betrayed you? Has anyone treated you differently than you thought that they should? Jesus understands what you have been through, because he too, was betrayed by one of the people closest to Him.

Thy Will Be Done 08/30/15

The prayer that Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane has been widely discussed and read. There are many important aspects about this time that Christ spent in the garden.

The Sinner's Savior 08/23/15

There are many dangers in this world. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of them all. But at other times we are aware of the trouble around us. How do we get out of the trouble that we are in, and how do we stay out of the trouble that we’re unaware of?

True Greatness 08/16/15

“I’m better than you are!” “No you're not!” Kids are always arguing over who is better. And if you’re honest with yourself so are adults. Jesus’ disciples often argued about who was the greatest. But Jesus reminded them that true greatness came from being a servant.

The First Supper 08/09/15

The Last Supper with Christ and his disciples was also the first communion service. What is it about the bread and the wine that still play such a vital role in the life of the church today?

The Passover Plot 08/02/15

To many, a conspiracy that was carried out against Jesus by one of his own disciples seems unthinkable. Are the circumstances around the last super curious to you?

The End is Near 07/26/15

In a world that is often afraid of what the future holds, how can we, as Christians, look towards the end times? Are we to treat the unknown of the future as the world does? Or is there a better way?

From Jerusalem to the End of the World 07/19/15

The final judgment is a topic that is not often discussed. Many people have questions about the prophesies Jesus made regarding this important topic. This week we'll discuss the prophesies of Christ regarding the last judgment and how they affect you!

The Beginning of the End 07/12/15

Persecution, suffering and the end times. All of these things can spark unrest or curiosity when we hear of them. But, Jesus in the gospels brings us peace and understanding to what will happen when the world comes to an end.

Your Two Cents 07/05/15

How do you use your belongings or social status? Do you put them to use for the Kingdom of God, or do you use them to get your own way. This week we discuss the things we have and what we do with them.

David's Son and David's Lord 06/28/15

Jesus was asked many questions during his life. But occasionally he would ask one or two of his own. He had a riddle for the Pharisees and it wasn’t “Why is six afraid of Seven”! It had significant spiritual meaning. Jesus asked the Pharisees about his own family background.

The God of the Living 06/21/15

Is there really a resurrection? How can we be certain? If there is a heaven, how do we get there? Jesus answered these tough questions just before He was about to face His own death.

God and Caesar 06/14/15

Can Christians be involved in politics? Are we to obey our government and its laws even when we don’t agree with them? Christ showed both His followers and enemies how they were to respond to political powers.

The Murder of the Owner's Son 06/07/15

What the best story you’ve ever heard? Dr. Philip Ryken is going to re-tell one of the greatest stories that Jesus ever told. It insulted his audience and the climax highlights Jesus. But there’s a twist, someone is murdered!

Jesus in Jerusalem 05/31/15

Do you have a passion for the place God has put you? Jesus had a heart for the city God had sent him to—Jerusalem. Jesus loved the city that God sent him to.

Hail to the King 05/24/15

Of all the ways that the King of kings could make an entrance into a city, Jesus chose to come on a donkey! Why would Jesus choose such a humble way to make his greatest entry into Jerusalem?

What You Do With What You Have 05/17/15

God has given us the ability to do many things for Him. Some people have the ability to give a lot, while others only a little. But no matter how much God has given, are your talents being used for Him?

Little Man, Big Apology 05/10/15

Is having faith, enough to be saved? Is there anything else that we must do to have a saving relationship with Jesus? The week we learn what Jesus calls us to do when we receive his salvation.

Seeing Jesus 05/03/15

How do we maintain our faith when life circumstances are not the way we’d like them to be? What happens during those times when we think we’re losing our faith? This week we'll discuss the blind beggar who called out for Jesus to heal is sight.

Is Jesus Worth It? 04/26/15

A lot of people talk about giving everything up for Jesus. Do they really mean ‘everything’? What do we get in return for giving up everything for Christ?

How to Enter God's Kingdom 04/19/15

How do we get to heaven? Some say it’s by being like a child. Others say it is by giving away all of your money to the poor. What does the Bible really say about how to get to heaven?

The Sinner's Prayer 04/12/15

It’s often far too easy to compare ourselves to other people. It’s even easier to decide that we are better than others. But this sort of comparison doesn’t help us to become more like Christ. In fact we learn a lot more about ourselves and our sinfulness.

Persisting in Prayer 04/05/15

Do you ever feel that no matter how much you pray for something, God never answers? Whether it’s for a relationship, the salvation of a friend, or justice for those who are persecuted, it sometimes feels that God isn’t answering. What does Jesus say about being persistent in our prayers?

Kingdom Come 03/29/15

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the end times and the second coming of Christ. But what does the Bible really say about Jesus’ return? Jesus himself spoke about his second coming in the Gospel of Luke, and that’s where we turn to today.

Returning Thanks 03/22/15

How often do you think “I deserve better than this!”? If you feel that God is not treating you as fairly, as think He should be, continue listening to find out how to give thanks when you aren’t feeling thankful.

The Faith to Forgive 03/15/15

How many times have we said to our friends or family “I just can’t forgive you!” We’re often hurt in such a way that it feels impossible to forgive. Today we will be looking at Jesus’ words of guidance on this matter. We will hear how to forgive and how to accept forgiveness.

The Great Divorce 03/08/15

If you die tonight where will you spend eternity? It’s a standard evangelistic line. Most people respond “well heaven of course” but the fact is many don’t believe in heaven or hell. I hope you can honestly say that you’ll spend eternity with God in heaven.

The Law, The Gospel, and the Kingdom 03/01/15

What happens when you do something wrong and it’s found out. Well you try and make an excuse to justify your actions. Sometimes that works but eventually you’ll get caught and punished for your wrong behavior.

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