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The Lord, He Is God! 06/11/17

The existence of God may be argued for, but God is the one who must prove Himself. That means different things for different circumstances. In Elijah’s case it was a supernatural fire initiated by God.

1 Kings 18:30-40

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We Have Them Outnumbered! 10/15/17

Often it seems like we are alone during life’s difficult times. This is especially true when we are blind to the realities of God and are engulfed in spiritual darkness. However, by the prophet Elisha’s example we can see that turning to God in prayer provides all spiritual light we need against the forces of evil.

The Root of All Evil 10/08/17

Money is the root of all evil! You may have heard this before, and there is some truth to it. The love of money can easily become the object of someone’s greed, and therefore, lead them into gross sin, and eventually death.

The Gospel of Free Grace 10/01/17

Isn’t it much easier to forget the gifts we receive than to remember them with a grateful heart? This is a regular problem for those following Jesus, because we quickly forget that the grace we received was free. We didn’t earn it! And that same free grace we received is what we are called to give others.

Elisha's Secret Recipe 09/24/17

Regardless of what we may think of our present possessions and daily food, we must realize that they are from God. It is out of God’s great providence that we are provided for regularly.

Get Your Hopes Up! 09/17/17

Many people spend their lives guarding against disappointment. Success always comes as something of a surprise to them, and failure confirms their suspicions. Now in some cases, not getting one’s hopes up may be prudent. But not when it comes to the promises of God.

Jars and Jars Full 09/10/17

Widows and orphans have always had a special place in God’s heart. This means that they should also have a special place in the life and heart of the church.

It Depends Whom You Ask 09/03/17

Where do we go to weather life’s storms? Do we turn to false gods and attempt to find refuge and peace through their passing pleasures? Or, do we do what we are taught in the Bible, that is, to go to the Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit?

Baldy and the Two Bears 08/27/17

People who call themselves “God’s servants” have a lot to live up to in terms of truly doing the Lord’s Kingdom work. They also have to deal with the worldly adversity that usually comes with trying to do what is right.

When Is Daddy Coming Home? 08/20/17

Without a father we miss out on a protector, provider, role model, and many of the positive benefits of a Dad. Going without such an important figure in our lives could be very destructive to our upbringing. However, following the traits of Elijah, any father can be more prepared and any child may know their father in Heaven.

Chariots of Fire 08/13/17

No one is able to please the Lord without the Spirit of the Lord. So how can we go about pleasing Him? We need to call upon the Lord in order to pour out His spirit upon us, much like Elisha the prophet did at the end of his mentor Elijah’s ministry.

No Chance of Recovery 08/06/17

Ultimate questions of meaning and purpose quickly surface when we are confronted with our own mortality. It is something that no one will escape in the present. How do we understand our lives and our deaths? These ultimate issues the Scriptures speak to clearly.

Thy Word Is Truth 07/30/17

The Word of God is readily available to just about any American. The question is though, “Will any one hear, understand, and follow its ways?” In the biblical story of King Ahab’s death, we have an obviously tragic example of someone who disregarded the Word of God.

Sour Grapes 07/23/17

Coveting is the tenth commandment. It has to do with desire and is often felt to be the least or amongst the least significant commandment. But what the Bible teaches is that it is the root of the most horrific sins.

God Unlimited 07/16/17

The way we conceive God to be determines how we behave. In Elijah’s day the King of Syria believed it possible to defeat the Israelites in the valley, because he thought Israel’s God was just a god of the hills.

No Turning 07/09/17

The question of “calling” is raised by everyone. It does not matter what the issue is, it can be vocation, place of residence, or spirituality. This question of calling is answered in part through the story of Elijah’s anointing Elisha to replace him as prophet.

The Still, Small Voice 07/02/17

Spiritual depression comes upon us all. Its possible causes are many, so how can a Christian seek to get out of it? In the story of Elijah we have a good example of how God deals with the spiritually low.

I Have Had Enough, Lord 06/25/17

Is it right for Christians to feel that I have had enough of life, to say “I quit”? Since they have all the spiritual blessings from Heaven in Jesus, can they honestly need more? Well Elijah was a great man of God who said to God, “I have had enough.”

God’s Fire-Keeper 06/18/17

Prayer is simply one of the most important, yet neglected and difficult exercises and privileges in the Christian life. Elijah was a great man of prayer and he persisted in doing it with great endurance. It was an endurance that was answered by God.

The Lord, He Is God! 06/11/17

The existence of God may be argued for, but God is the one who must prove Himself. That means different things for different circumstances. In Elijah’s case it was a supernatural fire initiated by God.

No God But God 06/04/17

Historically there has been much discussion about whether the existence of God may be proven. Some think it is possible, while others remain doubtful. One thing is certain though, that there remain many arguments on each side of the debate.

The Real Troublemaker 05/28/17

In our day, any person who is, in anyway, connected with conflict is viewed as a troublemaker or intolerant. This is nothing new. People who choose to follow God will inevitably run into conflict and false accusations.

Look, Your Son Is Alive! 05/21/17

God is the one who gives life, but He also takes it away. Often lives are taken without an explanation. This is one of the most difficult issues we as humans have to face. What is the best way to respond?

Daily Bread, Saving Grace 05/14/17

Taking food from poor widows is not an act that usually deserves praise. Although in Elijah’s case, that very act actually does warrant some praise. Elijah did not just take all the food the widow had, but Elijah asked for and received it, in obedience to God.

A Man Just Like Us 05/07/17

Elijah was a great man of prayer. The Lord used him to bring about many miracles in his day. In the New Testament it says that he was just like us, but how can this be? We do not typically see miracles happening, as they did for Elijah, so how is what James said true?

Jeremiah Q&A with Dr. Ryken 04/30/17

After a long study in a book of the Old Testament, such as the book of Jeremiah, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge what are some of the most important and vital things to recall. Today’s program is special in that we have finished our verse-by-verse summery of Jeremiah and we will speak with Bible teacher Dr. Philip Ryken in an attempt to hear his reflections on the importance of the book of Jeremiah.

How Deserted Lies the City 04/23/17

Babylon caused Israel many problems in their time together, but Israel was not without blame. It was their sin that drove them into exile, out of the presence of God. There isn’t a much worse predicament that someone can get themselves into than being cast out of the presence of the Lord.

Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! 04/16/17

The worst of nations tend to be arrogant, violent, and wasteful. This usually happens at the serious expense of the detriment of others. This was Babylon-the-Great’s character, but it was not permitted to persist forever.

Full Atonement! Can It Be? 04/09/17

Often it seems as if the proud always tend to get their way. Their boasting and insubordinate attitude often seems to be the last word. This was not the case for the Babylonians.

Most High Over All the Earth 04/02/17

Even in the most difficult Old Testament passages, the eternal victory of God in Christ is made manifest. There are many enemies of the cross of Christ, but who is willing to take him at his word?

The Pride of Life 03/26/17

Pride is self-serving. It has a long history of inflicting pain on others, and thereby, bringing about the destruction of many relationships. Unfortunately, it is one of the most subtle, and negative dispositions the human heart produces.

God of all Nations 03/19/17

Understanding how God works from both within and from outside world history can be a perplexing issue. It can be so on many levels, philosophically and theologically or practically and experientially. The bottom line is that God is the God of all world history.

Attempt Small Things for God 03/12/17

Who does not want great things or to the opportunity to do great things in this life. The scribe Baruch found out that not everyone is called to a life of social prominence. We too are likely to find that out, but how can we best respond to this likely truth?

The King or the Queen? 03/05/17

Do you believe that everyone was created for worship? What kind of activities do you believe accurately depicts worship? Do you think that you are susceptible to idolatrous worship? If not, why?

A Fatal Mistake 02/26/17

Decision making is something universal within the human experience. How is it that a Christian is supposed to find wisdom and answers in a world that provides so many options? This question is not new to humanity’s situation in the world, but has been around for quite some time.

A Remnant Chosen by Grace 02/19/17

God always provides for his people. In dangerous times, as in times of peace, God gives his people the blessings of the good life. If you belong to God, God will always take care of you. He will provide the work, clothing, home, and food you need to live.

Brands from the Burning 02/12/17

What would the church be like if Christians understood that this post-Christian culture is about to be set aflame by the wrath of God? What would our witness be like if we saw the spiritual condition of unsaved family and friends as it actually is? What if we accepted personal responsibility and helped snatch them from the fire?

A Private Audience 02/05/17

When you suffer, it should not come as a surprise, especially if you suffer for the sake of Christ. However, alongside the pain do you sense His compassion? Do you experience the sympathy of the Holy Spirit to comfort you in grief?

In and Out of the Cistern 01/29/17

News of divine judgment is never pleasing to hear. In the prophet Jeremiah’s day, speaking this message cost him some significant time in a cistern or what we know as a pit. This raises the question of, “How much are we willing to suffer for the sake of staying true to God’s message?”

Benedict Jeremiah? 01/22/17

True followers of Christ are never half-hearted. His real disciples embrace God’s Word and all it teaches. You will not become the pure bride of Christ by flirting with the Gospel. You must listen, believe, and live out the Word of God.

Book Burning 01/15/17

Do you think about why the word of God has power? The pages of scripture reflect the personality and experiences of each of the authors. And the endurance of the Bible attests to remarkable, at times miraculous, preservation. But while Satan works to prevent the production, translation, and proclamation of God’s Word, he completely and utterly fails. That’s because the ultimate author is the Holy Spirit.

Promise Keepers 01/08/17

There is a stark contrast between promise-breaking and promise-keeping. Promise-keeping means keeping your word, no matter what. So with that in mind, when we do make a promise, it should be about something that matters.

The Emancipation Revocation 01/01/17

Breaking a covenant promise is a serious thing. Whether it’s between two friends, a business partner, or our spouse, we’re really breaking a promise to God. When we do that, we bring on God’s rebuke. And when we repent, we gain forgiveness and mercy.

The Failsafe Kingdom 12/25/16

If you were to ask the average person what they think about God – someone at your office, or in your classroom, or a friend in your neighborhood – most likely the word on the street is that God has failed. A quick look around at the very real problems in the world – poverty, war, disease, corruption – all tell a story of decline. And if that was the whole story, we’d likely agree, God has failed. But that’s not the whole story.

While Shepherds Watch Their Flock 12/18/16

The promise of the Old Testament is for a savior. We see it in Genesis, Exodus, and Isaiah. And through the reminder of weddings, thanksgivings, and even farming, it’s also shown to us in the book of Jeremiah.

Pardon for Sin & a Peace that Endureth 12/11/16

Many people just want what they deserve – at least they think they do. Until they stop and examine their good deeds and see that even those acts do not measure up. And if truth be told, what they really deserve is punishment not reward.

Is Anything too Hard for God? 12/04/16

Nothing is too hard for God. He has the power to conquer your sin, save the lost, heal broken relationships, bless your work and your family. But the question is, do you believe it?

Is Anything too Hard for God? 12/04/16

Nothing is too hard for God. He has the power to conquer your sin, save the lost, heal broken relationships, bless your work and your family. But the question is, do you believe it?

Buyer's Market 11/27/16

Jeremiah was a praying prophet. Whenever he had a crisis, when he needed guidance, when he was worried about the future, his soul cried out to the Lord. That is because he knew his God.

The New Covenant 11/20/16

Jeremiah speaks of God making a new covenant with his people…but what exactly is a covenant, and why would God even need to make a new one? More importantly, what does that mean for us?

Rachel, Dry Your Tears 11/13/16

Sorrow is part of life. In fact, Jesus himself said that his followers would face trials, grief, and losses of all sorts. That doesn’t exactly sound like good news, now does it?

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