A Christian View of History DVD

Author: James Boice

The Bible Study Hour

God has a plan for human history. He is in control of all things. While we are often tempted to think God isn’t paying attention or that He has failed in some way, Scripture teaches us the opposite. God’s plan was and is to save His children from all parts of the globe, from different times and different cultures. We are reminded that all whom the Father calls will be saved. No one can resist God’s saving love. God’s election of His people throughout history can be a difficult teaching. But James Boice shows how this truth demonstrates God’s love for us. 

Table of Contents:

Scripture Reading: Romans 11:33-36

Introduction: How Should History Be Viewed?

Seven Reasons Why God’s Purpose Has Not Failed

  1. Romans 9:6-18
  2. Romans 9:19-26
  3. Romans 9:30-10:21
  4. Romans 11:1
  5. Romans 11:2-10
  6. Romans 11:11-24
  7. Romans 11:25-36

A Christian View of History

  1. God Has a Plan for History
  2. God Is Not Frustrated by Human Failure
  3. History is Not Mechanical or Deterministic
  4. What We Do Matters

A Final Illustration

This video is part of a larger series by James Boice and Sinclair Ferguson, Mastering Romans.

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Publisher: Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals

Publish Date: 2010

Reference: Romans 9-11

Tags: history